Whindersson Nunes gives a touching and moving account of his son’s absence

Whindersson Nunes
Whindersson Nunes talked about how he misses his son (Image: Reproduction / Twitter)

One more outburst of Whindersson Nunes about your son, John Michael, moved internet users. On his Twitter profile, the comedian shared a photo crying and told how difficult it has been for him to miss his heir, who died after being born prematurely.

The sky today is the most difficult place to look, I miss my little one a lot, but it will pass and only love will be“, he wrote. There was no lack of support messages for youtuber, who has been single since the end of his relationship with Maria Lina, mother of John.

Forces, dear. May the universe make you overcome this pain and may you restart this cycle“, wished for one. “May your heart receive comfort in this moment“, commented another. “Praying for you. I ask God to give you comfort and grace. my heartfelt feelings“, wrote a third.

Maria Lina has also moved followers recently on social media. The influencer showed followers that she received the photo album of her son’s pregnancy with Whindersson.

To the sound of Pra Você Guardei o Amor, by Nando Reis and Ana Cañas, she wrote: “My pitoco’s pregnancy album arrived. Just love“. The last image in the album is of a little bird with the phrase ‘By the side of the best’, referring to God.

When talking about the photo, Maria said that one day she woke up badly, after her son’s death, and even asked for a sign:

“I remember saying, ‘God, send me a sign if my son is all right.’ ‘Son, send me a signal if you’re ok, you’re happy for me to be calm’. When I looked at the hotel balcony, this little bird had landed and was stopped for about 15 seconds. Man, the energy of that moment was something surreal. That’s why Talita (photographer) put this photo as the last photo in the album and I thought it was amazing because it was really special, really”.

Remember that Maria and Whindersson recently announced the end of their relationship. The girl, after the breakup, decided to focus on becoming a digital influencer.

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