Willian prevented from debuting for Corinthians. Andreas Pereira, from Fla, can be sued. Anvisa in action – Prism

São Paulo Brazil

The National Health Surveillance Agency discovered in football a way to spread the importance of the quarantine of those who pass through the United Kingdom.

But the public agency needs to ascertain the way it is working.

After the chaos, the global embarrassment, last Sunday, with agents from Anvisa and the Federal Police invaded the lawn of the Corinthians stadium to prevent the Brazilian team from playing against Argentina, in the World Cup qualifiers, due to the lack of quarantine Martínez, Lo Celso and Romero, Saturday was the day of two other interventions.

And in the most popular clubs in Brazil.

After 11 days that Willian arrived in the country, participated in the Corinthians 111th birthday party, was the cover of all portals, central character of sports newspapers on TV, trained with teammates, traveled from São Paulo to Goiânia, a Anvisa’s agent was at the club’s hotel.

And he warned that he could even be arrested if he played today, against Atlético Goianiense, in his scheduled re-debut with the Corinthians shirt.

The reason, he did not fulfill the 14-day quarantine, for having come from England.

As no one from Anvisa warned of Willian’s quarantine before? Does everything happen on the eve of the game? And it causes more criticism for the agency’s slowness, which allowed the player to have contact with hundreds of people, to take action.

Everything gets even more embarrassing in relation to Andreas Pereira. Flamengo was informed yesterday that he also did not comply with quarantine coming from England. And that he cannot play today against Palmeiras.

But Andreas Pereira was introduced, trained, played against Santos, scored a goal. He went back to training. It’s been 23 days since he landed in Brazil. An unbelievable delay for the quarantine request.

Flamengo says they’re going to put him to play, because the 14 days he should have been in quarantine have passed. Anvisa details that the athlete may suffer civil and criminal proceedings for not having completed the period of social removal.

Anvisa warns that the failure with Willian was the health surveillance of São Paulo. And with Andreas Pereira, the health surveillance of Rio de Janeiro.

Corinthians has already removed Willian from the match against Atlético Goianiense.

Flamengo continues to guarantee that Andreas Pereira will face Palmeiras.

Situations deserve criticism.

First, because of Willian and Andreas Pereira’s lack of quarantine.

From Corinthians and Flamengo, who should have checked the duo’s game condition.

And, mainly, the unbelievable posture of Anvisa, facing two athletes who work in the most popular clubs in Brazil.

The example that remains is very bad.

Instead of firmness, the slowness of the public agency prevails…