With nothing to lose, Nadja Pessoa enjoys the live program and makes a serious accusation on national television

Nadja Pessoa at the end of Ilha Record (Image: Reproduction / Record)

the grand finale of Island Record happened live last time Thursday (9) and Nadja person did not miss the opportunity to distill his poison against Lucas Selfie, just like it did when it was confined.

In the program, several scenes of the confusion between Nadja and Lucas and Sabrina Sato shot: “The whole of Brazil wants to know: was that real hug that passed, did it seal peace between you?”.

Knowing he was live, she said she doesn’t want to contact him out here and even accused him of marketing to attract media attention:

“It was marketing, right, guys. Then he said things, said he’s going to do a pix, he said: ‘I’m going to do a pix for you to do therapy’, and said other heavy things. Everything he does is more for entertainment, for marketing”.

About having contact with him, the blonde refused, saying: “I don’t want to, I want to be around people who truly like me”. And Lucas agreed:

“Health, success and distance. She in her corner and I in mine. I don’t wish her anything bad, we tried, we were kind of brotherly there for a while. I think that out here the two lost a little hand with some comments. But it’s not a person I want in my life, it doesn’t match”.

It is worth remembering that, in the same edition, the presenter ended up being much criticized on social networks. The reason? Sabrina Sato made several mistakes and showed nervousness.

The artist’s first gaffe came when she decided to send a message to Laura Keller’s son. However, the commander of the reality show ended up changing the child’s name.

“A kiss for João Emanuel”, said the former Panic muse. “It’s Jorge Emanuel”, declared the former explorer.

Further on, Sabrina Sato declared that the vote to define the values ​​of the boxes with the precious stones had been closed. However, she got lost while receiving a notice from the production.

“Attention, guys, the voting is over! (break). Oh no. It’s not over, no. Keep voting guys”, fired the communicator, laughing.

Sabrina Sato was still confused when asked by Lucas Selfie about the vote that would define the winner of R$ 250,000. “But then will a new poll be opened? Or will you pick up where you left off?“, asked the famous, after the artist commented that the voting would be closed to announce the departure of six names from the dispute.

Confused, the Record contractor was also unable to understand the information at the electronic point and guaranteed live laughs. “Wait and I’ll tell you,” she declared, who followed: “Lucas Selfie, don’t complicate me. This is live”.

A new gaffe happened later in the Ilha Record final. Sabrina surprised and called Nadja’s fan club “Nadjacos”. The influencer corrected the presenter: “Nadnatics”.

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