Xiaomi officially registers its car division

The T77 Faw was the brand's first contact with the automotive world
The T77 Faw was the brand’s first contact with the automotive world (Photo: Disclosure)

The announcement was made on September 1st, Chinese technology brand Xiaomi will now have a division to develop cars. The company’s initial capital is BRL 8.1 billion. Know more!

Xiaomi's cars project made by Mo Fei
Xiaomi car design made by Mo Fei (Photo: Weibo)

Xiaomi in the car segment

The Xiaomi brand officially announced that it is part of the automotive segment. The company had already commented in March on its intention to also belong to the world of cars. And now, on September 1st, it registered the division Xiaomi EV. According to the tecmundo portal, the capital allocated to the company is R$8.1 billion.

The division is named after Xiaomi EV, and among the brand’s projects, andthey are electrical and even autonomous concepts.

The co-founder of the brand, Lei Jun will be responsible for developing the entire project. The current team of Xiaomi’s new arm already has 300 participants, however, the company said it is receiving a flood of resumes from people optimistic about adding to the company.

Investment in autonomous driving

The brand is already thinking of entering the segment with everything, and the main areas of activity will be electric models and autonomous driving. For this, the company acquired the company Deepmotion Tech, specialized in the segment, to work in the new automotive division. For this, the brand had to pay a total of US$77.4 million.

In addition, the division continues to look for other partnerships so that the project can get off the ground.

Projects are already starting to come out of the paper

The brand is already actively working in its new division and the date for the start of activities is set for March 2022. The official Xiaomi EV model is believed to be released in 2023.

Xiaomi Announces Automotive Division
The headquarters for the factory has not yet been defined (Photo: Disclosure)

Xiaomi EV headquarters

There is still no confirmation of an exact location for the production headquarters of Xiaomi EV vehicles. However, some locations in Chinese territory are being studied by the brand, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan.

What to expect from Xiaomi EV vehicles

There is not much information about which line the brand will follow in its production. However, you can expect vehicles with many items of embedded technology, and of course, that connect to other branded products, such as smartphones.

Xiaomi’s CEO and who will coordinate the new project, Lei Jun, had already stated that Xiaomi EV’s first project would be a sedan or SUV, which would have a value between R$ 80 and R$ 240 thousand.

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Sketches are already idealized, but they are just that

However, there are those who cannot wait for more information, and prefer to get their hands dirty. That’s what a user from the official Xiaomi community, Mo Fei, did. He conceived a project that he believes will resemble the division’s new model.

In the images published on the Weibo portal, it is possible to see a luxury sedan with many on-board technology items and a futuristic interior. In addition, the user still believes that the car’s autonomy can reach 1,000 km.

Xiaomi Announces Automotive Division
Xiaomi (Photo: Disclosure)
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