‘A Fazenda 13’: Liziane Gutierrez would already be causing in the pre-confinement | TV & Soap Operas

Liziane Gutierrez will be in

Liziane Gutierrez will be in “The Farm 13”

The future pedestrians of “The Farm 13” are in pre-confinement in a hotel while the reality show does not start. However, there have been people who started causing it even before the show’s debut. Socialite Liziane Gutierrez, who went viral with a shack she made when she was expelled from a clandestine party, would be causing problems for Record.

According to the TV News website, Liziane has broken rules on the consumption of food and beverages. Each participant would be receiving three meals a day at the hotel and would be entitled to a daily rate of room service if they feel hungry at any other time.

The famous would have the right to order snacks, sweets and drinks if they feel hungry, but Liziane would have exceeded the value of the daily quota on all days of pre-confinement. On the first day, she exceeded the stipulated quota and took a tug of ear from the Record production. The future woman would have been helpful and said that it would not happen again.

However, that promise would have been short-lived. On the second day at the hotel, she tried to break her quota again and took another joke from the production of “A Fazenda 13”. Since then, Liziane Gutierrez would be abusing room service on every day of confinement.