Actor of “Carinha de Anjo”, Luiz Carlos Araújo is found dead at 39 years old

Friends and family confirmed the death of actor Luiz Carlos Araújo, 39, who played the character Válter in the soap opera “Carinha de Anjo” (2016) on SBT. The cause of death was not given. Marilice Cosenza, one of the actor’s friends, informed that Luiz Carlos had not been in contact with anyone since the 5th of the month and that, therefore, a locksmith was called to the scene.

The actor’s body was found dead in his bed. According to police, the death had already taken place for at least three days. “The cause of his death is still unknown! The police are finishing the investigation. I just left the police station, where I was last night with the family giving statements. Luiz was my best friend, and I and another friend tried to talk to him a few days ago and all day yesterday, we were unable to, because the cell phone was turned off” declared Marilice in a publication made on social networks this Sunday, 12. She believes that she was one of the last people to have found Luiz Carlos alive.

Camila Camargo, daughter of singer Zezé de Camargo, was also a friend of Luiz Carlos. On social networks, she lamented the actor’s death. “I can’t believe it, I can’t, I don’t want to believe it. I met you when I was nine years old and since then, stages have been divided, stories, hugs, affection, which are eternalized”, she wrote.

Luiz Carlos Araújo was also known for his performance in theater, where he participated in the plays “Tieta do Agreste” and “Lisbela eo Prisioneiro”. There is still no information about the author’s wake and burial.

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