Actor reveals that fame with character made him lock himself at home: ‘I was crazy’ | famous

Daniel Craig, 53, said the success he brought from playing spy James Bond in the 007 franchise made him feel “physically and mentally under siege”. “My personal life was affected by being so famous for regret. I used to lock and close myself like curtains, I was crazy,” said the Hollywood star.

The revelation was made in the documentary “Being James Bond” on Apple TV +. “I didn’t like the new level of fame. It was Hugh Jackman who helped me accept success and appreciate it,” Craig said, referring to the star who became world-renowned for bringing to life Wolverine, one of the world’s most famous mutants. Marvel.

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He admitted that he was initially reluctant to accept the role, saying he didn’t know what to make of the character. “Not that I was concerned, I was already more successful than I would ever be as an actor,” recalls Craig. “I had done weird art movies. It was harder to sell. And I really didn’t want to do 007. I’d take the script, read it, and say, ‘Thanks, but no.’ But little did I know, it was Casino Royale. The story was solid, the script was solid.”

Craig also talked about continuing to film “007 Contra Specter” (2015)” even though he broke his leg during filming, instead of interrupting production while he was recovering. The actor had to use a ‘bionic leg’ for much of the film. .

The film’s producer, Barbara Broccoli, added that he “can barely walk” on set. The difficult experience led the star to the commentator who would rather “slit his wrists” than play Bond again while promoting the film.

However, he was persuaded to return for the last time in “007 No Time to Die”, which makes him the longest-serving actor in the franchise. “I don’t want to keep talking about how hard Specter was, but I needed a break. I needed to hang up,” he said.

“I really felt psychologically very old in the final film of that one. Barbara made a difficult conversation,” said the actor, who gave a farewell speech to the cast and crew of the new feature during filming and added that he is proud of his work. in the franchise.

“My legacy is what it is, but it’s less part of something bigger. I look at the movies and I’m incredibly proud of each one. Leaving this role is not easy,” he said. “I can be as brazen and blasé as I want to be, but it’s still hard to walk away. And it’s not about money and fame.”

“I’m incredibly lucky to have been able to do this. But I think it’s okay now[deixando o papel], and that’s why he made this film,” he finished referring to “007 No Time to Die, which is due to open in London on September 28th.

The film’s release data has been rescheduled three times since the pandemic erupted in March 2020, as movie theaters around the world closed and restrictions on viewer capacity were imposed.

In the new chapter of the saga, James Bond left his secret service activities and finally enjoys a quiet life in Jamaica. However, his tranquility is quickly disrupted when his old CIA friend Felix Leiter goes to him and asks for his help.

Bond films are among Hollywood’s most valuable franchises — “007 Against Specter” grossed $880 million ($4.5 billion at the current rate) at the box office in 2015 and “007 – Operation Skyfall” grossed more than $US 1 billion (R$5.2 billion) globally in 2012.

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