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Adriana Bombom was outraged after having to abandon part of her clothes to join Famosas em Apuros, a new reality show hosted by Rodrigo Faro. In this Sunday’s (12) episode, the actress had a crying fit while separating her pieces in the dispute for R$ 30 thousand.

“I’m serious, I can’t find myself here. I fixed everything, then it comes here and I have to select it? I put everything right, I won’t be able to find what I want”, said Adriana in tears during the first activity of the reality show.

Candy, Li Martins and Luiza Ambiel took several suitcases with clothes for the program. However, right at the entrance, they had to select a certain amount of items, defined by the ex-Rouge after a draw: seven kilos for Luiza, ten for Adriana, and 15 for Li.

“Calm down! Think about it, you need a bikini, a warm nightwear and, I don’t know, a bathrobe. The rest is luxury,” the Power Couple Brasil 5 participant tried to help.

Still disgusted with the decision, the dancer threw all her clothes on the floor and continued with complaints and tears. “I was really terrified, I started crying because I didn’t know what to get first and I had some time. I tried to put everything I could into the bag and whatever God wants!”, she said during the testimony.

In the dispute, the famous ones will be placed in perrengues, such as collecting crabs on the coast of São Paulo. In R7, the audience will decide which famous person should take the prize.

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