After shutting down Groovy, YouTube now wants the Rythm bot on Discord to end

Company sent Cease and Desist order and Rythm has seven days to close

O YouTube is extremely committed to ending bots that play music on the Discord and that are super popular among users, now the company wants to close the Rythm Bot as soon as possible, the most famous on the platform.

For those unfamiliar, there are several bots developed by third parties for the Discord, which allows anyone to listen to music within the servers, as long as the owner has previously installed it, this allows friends to get together for a game and listen to the same music while they play, as long as they remain in the same room as the selected bot .

The problem starts with these bots using songs that are hosted on other services, especially on YouTube, which made the company do Google start to worry about the increased use of this feature by users, because its development violates the rules that are in the terms of use of their APIs, and clearly harms the YouTube the moment listeners stop watching advertisements on the platform, which is the company’s main means of monetization.

In August we published the closing of the Groovy Bot, one of the biggest bots that were active on the platform, he was the first target of the YouTube and ended up giving in without any resistance to the cease and desist order imposed by the company so as not to suffer worse sanctions.

Now it’s time for Rythm Bot be turned off, the YouTube sent the cease and desist order to its owner yoav and the order will be fulfilled, the service will cease to exist on September 15th, it is estimated that your bot is installed on more than 20 million servers and is used by more than 560 million users on the Discord.

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yoav told the The Verge who had already expected this to happen about a year ago and who are already working on a new tool involving music, he also believes that now all other music bot owners will receive the same order from now on with the end of Rythm, which was the biggest on the platform.

Now we can only wait what will be the next steps of the YouTube, Discord and also from the bot owners after all this unfolding.

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Via: theverge