Apple expands storage and iPhone 13 in having 64GB model, analyst says

The launch of the iPhone 13 line should take place next Tuesday (14) and the market eagerly awaits the Apple event. Commenting on the matter, the well-known and trusted Ming-Chi Kuo has published a new report highlighting his expectations for the presentation of smartphones.

According to the market analyst, Apple will also use the event to announce the AirPods 3 headphones. In addition, this will be the first time the Cupertino maker will launch an iPhone with 1TB of internal storage.

Starting with the simplest models, the iPhone 13 Mini and 13 must abandon the 64 GB of memory and will be sold with options starting at 128GB.

Devices must be standard 128GB model and 256GB and 512GB variants.

The iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max models go much further and will be sold with 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB of internal storage. For Kuo, this change should be reflected in the price of the devices, but it won’t be the only relevant factor.

The analyst says that iPhone 13 production continues to be affected by the chip shortage.

We believe the current iPhone production challenge is the scarcity of components. As a result, production of legacy models was cut by around 5–10% in 3Q21. Shipping iPhone 13 in 4T21 may have a potential toppling hazard due to missing components. However, this disadvantage has a limited impact on iPhone 13 shipments. We believe iPhone 13 shipments in 2021 could grow by more than 10% A/A (compared to iPhone 12 shipments in 2020).

It is worth remembering that the event for the presentation of the new iPhones will be broadcast around the world on Tuesday from 2 pm (Brasilia time).