Araruama bettor takes the R$46.3 million Mega-Sena prize alone | lotteries

Raffle was held at Espaço Loterias Caixa, in SP
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Raffle was held at Espaço Loterias Caixa, in SP

The contest 2408 of Mega-Sena was held this Saturday (11), at Espaço Loterias Caixa, at the Tietê bus terminal, in the city of São Paulo. A bettor from Araruama, in Rio de Janeiro, alone took the prize of R$ 46,317,095.04.

See the dozens drawn: 04 – 29 – 30 – 38 – 43 – 57.

The corner had 65 winners and each one takes R$59,300. On the court, 4,828 bets took R$1,140.94 each. In Loto-fácil, 57 bets match 15 tens and divide more than R$ 150 million.

How to participate in the next draw?

The next Mega-Sena contest takes place on Wednesday (15th), at 20:00 . It is possible to bet until 7:00 pm (Brasilia time) on the day of the draw, at any lottery outlet accredited by Caixa in the country.

It is also possible to bet on the internet. The Mega-Sena single ticket, with six dozen, costs R$4.50.

How to bet online at Mega-Sena?

For those who bet on the internet, it is not possible to opt for the minimum bet of R$4.50. On Caixa’s website, the minimum amount to bet on Mega-Sena is R$30, either with a single bet or more than one. Here’s how to bet.

To make a bigger bet, with 7 numbers, giving a greater chance of winning, the price goes up to R$31.50. Another option to reach the minimum price is to place seven single bets, which together have the same value, R$31.50. Furthermore, the pools, available online, are another viable option.

How does Mega-Sena work?

The contest is carried out by Caixa Econômica Federal and the winner can receive millions of reais if the six dozen are correct. Drawings take place at least twice a week – usually on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The player can also win prizes with a lower value if he hits four or five numbers, known as Quadra and Quina, respectively.

When playing, the player can choose the numbers or try his luck with the Surpresinha. This model consists of the automatic choice, carried out by the system, of the dozens played. Another option is to keep the same bet for two, four or even eight consecutive draws, known as Teimosinha.

Mega-Sena Awards

Prizes usually start at approximately R$ 3 million for those who hit the six dozen. This way, the value accumulates with each contest without a winner.

You can also win prizes by matching four or five numbers out of the 60 available on the betting wheel. For this, it is necessary to mark from six to 15 numbers on the ticket. Mega-Sena’s total prize corresponds to 43.35% of the collection. From this amount:

  • 35% are distributed among the hitters of the six numbers drawn;
  • 19% among the correct five numbers (Quina);
  • 19% among the correct four numbers (Quadra);
  • 22% are accumulated and distributed to winners of the six numbers in contests ending in zero or five; and
  • 5% are accumulated for the first track (Sena) of the last contest of the year with final zero or five.