As even dessert became an example of Cristiano Ronaldo’s leadership at United: ‘No player dared’

At 36 years old, Cristiano Ronaldo remains a ‘machine’ for competitiveness and physical performance. The arrival of the ace to Manchester United it was no different and, according to Lee Grant, the team’s reserve goalkeeper, the ‘Dude’ eating habits follow the same.

In an interview with British radio talkSport, the archer told the comical situation experienced by him and the other teammates in the hotel that the cast was staying before the clash before the Newcastle, last Saturday, for the Premier League.

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“Usually on Friday night, when we finish dinner, we usually have a slice of apple crumble or a brownie with whipped cream or something. I tell you, no players have touched the apple crumble or anything.”

“No player got up to get a piece of brownie. We were sitting and one of the guys asked me, ‘What’s Cristiano on his plate?’ We were eating and, of course, he had the healthiest dish you can imagine. I started because not a single player dared get up and eat those goodies that were scattered on the table,” said the goalkeeper.

It is not new that Cristiano Ronaldo has a restrictive diet and does not consume sweets, fried foods or soft drinks and alcohol in an exaggerated way. During the european cup this year, the ace even removed a bottle of soda from his front and ‘exalted’ a bottle of water in its place.