Ashton Kutcher is greeted with shouts of “take a bath” at event

Ashton Kutcher was greeted by fans at a football game with shouts of “take a bath”. The 43-year-old actor was invited to comment on the match on ESPN, but upon arriving at Jack Trice Stadium in Iowa, USA, he was harassed because of the statement he and Mila Kunis made recently, claiming that they only bathe. in children occasionally.

Kutcher looked annoyed, but tried to take the situation in a good mood. Then, when the actor took a seat at the commentator’s bench, the “take a bath” chorus started again. This time, Kutcher tried not to shake, but the cheers from the crowd made him visibly off balance.


Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher revealed during their participation in a podcast that they don’t bathe their children every day. According to the artists, Wyatt, age 6, and Dimitri, age 4, only step into the shower when they are visibly dirty. Still, sometimes they wash the children with just water, without using soap, to prevent the little ones’ skin from drying out.

“I didn’t have hot water when I was a kid, so I didn’t take a lot of showers anyway. But now that I have kids, I don’t clean them every day either. I wasn’t the mother who bathed my newborns all the time,” Mila explained.

Ashton added: “If you can see the dirt on them, clean them up. Otherwise, it makes no difference”.

At the time, the star admitted that he applies the same principle to his own hygiene habits and only cleans armpits and groin. “I wash my armpits and my groin daily, and nothing else. I have a cleaning product that does everything”, explained the actor.