Back in Brazil, David Luiz faces “solid project” challenges at Flamengo: “It makes me have oxygen” | Flamengo

“If the voice of the people is the voice of God, the nation has called me and I am here.” In a presentation video, David Luiz left Flamengo fans in love with the statement. A kind of love at first sight. A passion that started out as a platonic one, but which was decisive for making the most difficult decision: returning to Brazil after 14 years in Europe.

David Luiz gave his first press conference as a Flamengo player this Monday, at Ninho do Urubu. After the first exams, he is already starting to think about his debut with the red-black shirt. Moment of reunion with the Brazilian fan who watched so much from a distance.

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David Luiz kisses Flamengo’s shirt in presentation — Photo: Marcelo Cortes / CRF

“It’s another big challenge in my life. I understood during my walk that it’s what I’ve always liked, what gave me the oxygen to go in search. It’s the big challenges, the difficult things”

– I had some different scenarios, where I could choose a quieter life, more of peace, but I like to do what I feel in my heart. I went back to what God has in my life for purpose and what I have in my heart.

David Luiz left Brazil in 2007, after only two seasons as a professional at Vitória. Since then, coming to Brazil has always been surrounded by feelings on the surface. In 2013, the consecration as champion of the Confederations Cup in Maracanã. In 2014, the trauma from 7 to 1 in Mineirão.

The last time that David Luiz took the field in the country happened on March 26, 2016, when he started the Brazilian team in the 2-2 with Uruguay, at Arena Pernambuco. It’s time to kill the longing.

“It’s one of the best pages I’ll live in my career”

David Luiz signed a contract with Flamengo until the end of 2022, with a release clause if he does not adapt to Brazilian football and wishes to return to Europe. If it depends on the affection, however, the defender is already at home and in the arms of the red-black fans.

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– It is with immense pleasure and touching my heart that I say that I am a Flamengo player. First, I want to thank the president, Marcos, Bruno, and all the people who were part of making me live this dream. We don’t get anywhere alone, we don’t decide anything alone, and the most important thing is the people. We cannot be happy alone. There were many people who influenced me, guided me and showed how big this challenge would be. Marcos tried to detail the time it took for us to decide. These are difficult decisions in the sense of life, but well thought out. And when you’re honest and you think the right way, you share it, you have a calm, peaceful, and totally happy decision. I know my challenges, I know the great project and Flamengo. Flamengo has always been great and will always be great, but today they manage to give great things because of their solid project.

David Luiz displays Flamengo shirt together with directors — Photo: Marcelo Cortes / CRF

Start of negotiations

– There were countless moments in my journey in football that I had the happiness of meeting people at Flamengo who were already doing a great job. When we really started talking about it, it was a special day that you won’t know when it was.

– That’s what moves me, motivates me and makes me continue playing football. That’s what makes me have the same energy. I left as a boy, but I’m back as a boy too, with energy and passion. Soccer is my life.

– Adaptation will be easy. I know many players in the squad and you can see what exudes in this team. It exudes joy, compassion, harmony. It’s very easy to get into an atmosphere fulfilled in the positive context.

– My head is totally turned to Flamengo. My decision to come here was to face all challenges and ambitions. In a football player, if the ambition to defend his country does not exist, he is in the wrong profession. I do have the ambition. The future belongs to God.

David Luiz, Gabigol and Marcos Braz at Flamengo CT — Photo: Marcelo Cortes/Flamengo

– Football is a surprise box, it’s the cliché of the phrase, but I already know a little bit. I will face short-term and long-term daily challenges, but I will know how to deal with it all. I want this for my life, I want to be here, I want to be on the field running and dedicating myself to putting myself in the best physical condition possible. Doing what I love the most, which is playing football.

Decision to return to Brazil

– Adaptation from me, family, bonds of friendship, everyday people. That’s what moves us. Often, we are not aware that it is important to remember that it is people who bring us happiness, that on the other hand, there is the human part that is part of it. For me this is very important. What I will miss the most and what made me think is the people I met. But I also have the opportunity to meet new people and experience new moments that will bring me happiness.

Difference from Europe to Brazil

– Day to day will show me that. I have to train myself for all kinds of difficulties.