Beer brand promotes a campaign with famous people to encourage vaccination

Collaboration for UOL, in São Paulo

12/09/2021 8:31 PMUpdated on 12/09/2021 8:40 PM

If you thought that Caio Castro disappeared from social networks because he was suffering from the end of his relationship with Grazi Massafera, you were wrong. The 32-year-old actor participated in an internet disappearance action of the Brahma brand with the objective of encouraging the population to be vaccinated against covid-19.

The beer brand proposed for celebrities to disappear from social networks as a way to draw the attention of followers who are doing the same when taking the second dose of the immunizing agent. According to data from the Ministry of Health, more than 8.5 million citizens did not return to be vaccinated.

In addition to actor Caio Castro, the singer Belutti, from the duo with Marcos, ex-BBBs Arthur Picoli and Gizelly Bicalho and other famous people left the social networks last Friday (10) and reactivated the profiles, tonight, with the message of how important it is not to go away the call for vaccination.

According to the marketing director of Brahma, Gustavo Castro, the action aims to make the population understand that the coronavirus pandemic can only come to an end with the commitment of everyone.

“With #BrahmaPelaVolta, we are seeking to make Brazilians aware of the importance of returning to the second dose of the vaccine and completing the immunization against Covid-19. We will only be able to achieve the vaccination goals with the participation of the entire population,” he said.

The campaign also brings a message calling Brazilians to this wave of awareness with the participation of journalist Tino Marcos, player Formiga and former player Denílson.