Blumenau expands the vaccine agenda for specific groups of people aged 12 and over

The City of Blumenau extends this Monday, 13, the schedule of vaccine against Covid-19 for the public over 12 years with comorbidities, pregnant women, postpartum women, nursing mothers and permanent disabilities, in addition to previously announced groups.

The schedule starts at 5 pm and has about 2,600 vacancies for application on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 14th and 15th, at the Parque Vila Germânica Central. As the vacancies for the first day are filled, the system will provide the schedule for the second day. Reinforcing that people under 16 years old will only be vaccinated if they are from priority groups.

The appointment must be made on the website of the City Hall of Blumenau or by Alô Saúde, on telephone 156 (option 2), which will be attended as long as there are vacancies or until 10 pm, if the schedule is not filled before that time.

The vaccination of teenagers from 12 to 17 years of age is subject to authorization by their parents and/or legal guardians. If the adolescent is accompanied by a responsible adult, vaccination can be consented to by means of a verbal authorization from the adult.

If there is no responsible adult present, vaccination may occur upon presentation of a consent form duly filled in and signed by the parents and/or legal guardians, in accordance with the provisions of art.142 of the Child and Adolescent Statute (Annex 1 ) – a document template is available on the website.

Only those users with an appointment will be vaccinated. It is necessary to bring an identification document and, if you have, a health card. It is noteworthy that those who received the flu vaccine (H1N1) must wait a period longer than 14 days to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

Check out the audiences who can schedule vaccinations and the necessary documentation

Persons aged 16 and over: identification document with photo and accompanied by parents or legal guardians, with their written authorization.

People between 12 and 15 years old: identification document with photo, medical statement that proves comorbidity and accompanied by parents or legal guardians or with their written authorization according to the model available on the website.

People over 18 years old: ID document with photo.

Vaccine application

To avoid crowding, the guide is for users to arrive at Vila Germânica Park up to 10 minutes in advance and take companions only in case of need. In addition to the identification document with photo and the vaccination card, it is necessary to have at hand documentation that proves the inclusion in the group for which the schedule was requested.

If the user arrives more than 10 minutes in advance, he must wait until his vaccination schedule. Delays of up to 15 minutes will be tolerated.

Users can access Sector 1 by entering Rua Alberto Stein, using the parking lot at Parque Vila Germânica. The space has wheelchairs to assist with moving. People with reduced mobility can access the Vaccination Center through Rua Itapiranga, signposted by Seterb. In this case, the vaccine is applied without the user having to disembark from the vehicle.

After receiving the first dose of vaccine, at the end of the service, the system automatically schedules the return for the second dose, within the appropriate period.

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