Brazil receives the largest shipment of vaccines from Pfizer this Sunday

Brazil receives, this Sunday (12/9), the largest shipment of vaccines against Covid-19 delivered by Pfizer since the beginning of the contract signed with the federal government. Over the course of the day, 5.1 million doses will be provided, arriving in the country on four different flights.

The first flight arrived at the Campinas terminal early this Sunday, with 1,392,300 vaccines. The second, with 1,134,900 doses, landed at 8:05 am. The third, with 1,521,000 units, is scheduled for 2:55 pm. The fourth, carrying 1,133,730 doses of the immunizing agent, should arrive at 4:15 pm.

In the company’s new schedule, the American pharmacist provides for sending 8.9 million doses of the vaccine to the country until this Sunday. The other deliveries were made from Wednesday (8/9) to Friday (10/9).

Pfizer has already delivered to the Ministry of Health, in 68 lots, 67.3 million of the 100 million doses of the first contract, signed on March 19, 2021. The remaining amount must be provided by the end of September.

There is a second contract between Pfizer and the federal government, signed on May 14, which provides for the delivery of another 100 million doses between October and December. The company says it will meet the full schedule by the end of 2021.