Brazilian is fired from Marvel after making offensive illustrations

Reproduction/Editing by Gizmodo Brazil

Until then one of those responsible for the HQ timeless, which will be released in December, Joe Bennett has been fired from Marvel for good – as they put it, he won’t be on the timeless in “None of the Future Projects” of the comic book giant.

The Brazilian, whose name is Benedito José, was marked for doing The Immortal Hulk (from 2018) and has worked with Marvel since 1994, in titles such as Amazing Spider Man and Birds of prey.

According to Newsrama/Gamesradar, Marvel did not provide specific explanations for the decision, but this is in line with the criticism leveled at Bennett by Al Ewing, screenwriter for Immortal, a few days ago on Twitter. Ewing it says that the 2017 illustrations made by the Brazilian are “reprehensible”.

In one of the publications in question, Bennett drew Jair Bolsonaro (at the time a deputy) as a hero, beheading the “rats” of other parties. Other users on the network found the original post:

Free translation of Ewing’s statements in thread: “even though it is no longer available, the fact that it was designed in the first place, signed and exhibited so proudly by Joe speaks for itself.”

In the same year, he supported the assault on journalist Glenn Greenwald, saying he should have been punched instead of slapped. The illustrator has apologized and deleted publications since then. On numerous occasions, Bennett has responded in support of transphobic and homophobic comments on his social media.

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There was another recent occurrence: in February of this year, one of the pages of Bennett’s Hulk was edited by Marvel, on account of anti-Semitism in the stereotypical and marginalized representation of Jews. The company offered new hard copies at no additional cost, also releasing an update on the digital HQ.