Bus accident takes the life of Airton Machado do Garotos de Ouro – São Joaquim Online News Agency

A very serious accident occurred in the early hours of this last Monday(13) took the life of the singer and one of the founders of the band Garotos de Ouro Airton Machado. The accident occurred around 1:30 am at km 44 between the municipalities of Aguas Mornas and rancho Queimado after the bus lost its brakes on a downhill stretch and collided with a rock wall.

On the bus, called Garotão, only Airton Machado (driver) and his wife Renata Machado traveled, since the rest of the Group traveled in their own cars. Airton did not resist his injuries and died. Your wife, on the other hand, had head injuries during the accident.

Airton and his wife Renata Machado

Airton played his last show at Over Beer and at Clube Astréa, in São Joaquim, last Saturday in a live called Bailezito 6 in more than 04 hours of show. He founded Garotos de Ouro, together with his brother Ivonir Machado in 1976 and would turn 63 years old on Wednesday, September 15th, but this unexpected fatality ended up taking the life of this great musician of the gaucho traditionalism.

Dhiannine Alves with Airton Machado
Garotão bus parked in front of Churrascaria Schilichting in São Joaquim at its final destination

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