Caio Castro is drastically damaged after the break up with Grazi Massafera; know what happened!

Grazi Massafera
Grazi Massafera was dating Caio Castro (Images: Reproduction – Globo / Editing – RD1)

After the end of the relationship with Grazi Massafera, Caio Castro had his Instagram profile deactivated and that left a lot of people curious to know why.

It has been down since this Saturday morning (11), with a message indicating that it has been removed from the platform:

“This page is not available. The link you accessed may be broken or the page may have been removed”.

Coincidentally, the episode took place days after he broke up with Grazi, however, in contact with columnist Fábia Oliveira, he said he took the profile off the air on his own.

Meanwhile, Grazi surprised and deleted all the photos she had with him on her social network, while the actor, while his profile was activated, kept them all with her.

The two ended their relationship at the end of August. They only took up romance on social media in the beginning of 2020 and had been together since September 2019, when they began to be seen together in an atmosphere of romance.

In an interview with ELA magazine, the actress spoke about the end of the union:

“My relationship with Caio came to an end because we understood it was time for us to go apart. What I can say now is that our story is over”.

On his Instagram, the heartthrob said:

“We were never one to talk about our relationship, we never exposed much about us, and it will not be now that I will feed this type of report. But inventing a betrayal is a lack of respect. We decided to separate for our reasons, we were mature and we respect, above all, our love”.

“If I can ask for anything, I would like to ask respect for the moment we are going through, me and Grazi”, finished.

According to columnist Leo Dias, from Metrópoles, the break was noticed by fans because Caio Castro was no longer using the compromise alliance.

The artist, after the end, left Grazi’s apartment in Rio de Janeiro and returned to São Paulo.

The journalist also informed that the former global has engaged in an affair with Larissa Bonesi, a Brazilian actress who is a star of Indian Netflix, who also works as a model and has about 440,000 followers on Instagram.

After being identified as the actor’s affair, the girl opened her heart in a conversation with Leo Dias.

This story that I was the pivot of the separation hurt me so much. I got messages telling me not to go out on the street that they were going to kill me. There were messages that hurt me a lot”, he lamented.

“I freaked out. I said: ‘I can’t see this’. Because I wasn’t at any time a reason or pivot… I would never put myself in a situation like that or promote myself in a situation like that. Even because I don’t have anything in Brazil, I’ve always lived my life abroad”, completed.

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