Carluxo’s phantom employees used Bolsonaro’s address in the Revenue and the Chamber

Carluxo and Jair
Carlos and Jair Bolsonaro in action. Photo: Reproduction

Four Carluxo employees used Jair Bolsonaro’s address at the Internal Revenue Service or at the Rio de Janeiro City Council. They are suspected of being “ghosts” in the councilor’s office. At that address, fiscal and administrative communications arrived from those hired by Carlos. At the time, the then deputy was married to Ana Cristina Valle and lived in Barra da Tijuca (RJ).

Gilmar Marques (former brother-in-law of Ana Cristina), André Luís Procópio (brother of Cristina), Andrea Siqueira Valle (sister of Ana Cristina) and Marta da Silva Valle (cute of Cristina) used Bolsonaro’s address for registration.

This information appears in the complaint of the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro against Carlos, informs Folha. He is accused of criminal organization, money laundering, embezzlement and embezzlement.

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Carluxo employees did not live in Rio

Despite the address being in Barra da Tijuca, the four advisors did not live in the city of Rio. André and Andrea lived in Resende, while Gilmar and Marta, in Minas Gerais.

Another employee, Cleide Barbosa mendes, also used Jair’s address to start three companies.