Chay Suede reveals name of second child with Laura Neiva

Actor Chay Suede participated in the ‘Caldeirão’ program and revealed what name his son will receive when he is born

Chay Suede (29) participated in the picture turn up the sound, from the program cauldron this saturday, 11.

During the participation in the TV Globo attraction, the actor revealed to Marcos Mion (42) the name of the second child with the actress Laura Neiva (27).

“How are the expectations for the baby? Does it already have a name?”, asked the presenter. “Joseph”, said the artist, who is also the father of Mary, who will be two years old in December.

The news that Chay and Laura were expecting their second child was reported by columnist Leo Dias, from Metrópoles, in April of this year. Afterwards the couple confirmed the pregnancy during an interview for the program conversation with bial.

Laura Neiva vents about Maria’s weaning

Always very honest with her followers, Laura Neiva decided to let off steam on social media. Waiting for the second baby, the actress decided to tell about the process of weaning her firstborn, Maria (1). On her Instagram, she posted a super relaxed video, where she appeared with a fresh face giving details about her decision.

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