Check out 7 fun facts you didn’t know about the Play Store

Without a doubt, the most famous app store among internet users is the Google Play Store. Present in android devices, the shop has existed for years and accumulates millions of daily downloads. However, even so traditional, there are still features little explored by many users.

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Google has even been accused of monopolizing the app market through the Play Store. Just out there, you can already see that the resource is very relevant.

Check out 7 fun facts about the Play Store:

1 – Android Market

The app store giant got off to a more low-key start. Launched in 2008, its original name was Android Market. There were only 13 downloadable apps.

With the advancement of smartphone technologies, it was in 2012 that Google launched the current Play Store.

2 – How many apps are available?

In almost 13 years of its creation, the Play Store has gone from the modest 13 apps to the millions.

In the first quarter of 2021 alone, there were 3.5 million downloadable apps. In March 2018, however, 3.6 million were accounted for.

3 – How many downloads were made?

If we only think about the entire year 2020, the Play Store has made 108.5 billion downloads. However, the Statista website shows that the number continues to increase in proportion.

4 – What is the most popular category?

As expected, the search for games is the biggest among all others. Games download is higher than all other categories combined.

5 – How many games are there?

There are currently over 365,000 games available for download from the Play Store. The survey is from AppBrain.

6 – Which app is the most successful?

The most downloaded app from the store is Google Play Services. There are more than 10 billion downloads.

7 – What is the profit of the Play Store?

The Play Store’s profits surpassed R$ 190 billion reais (in free conversion). In other words, in 2020, the app brought in US$38.6 billion for Google.

However, competitor Apple’s revenue is even higher with its store. The App Store earned $72.3 billion in the same period. In the conversion, it would be something around R$ 378 billion.