Cookie store triples sales with opening of physical point in SP | Small Business & Big Business

Businesswoman Giovanna Monti, husband Vinicius Cunha Oliveira and brother Daniel Rodrigues got together to start a cookie production. Giovanna had been working as an eyebrow designer for seven years. Vinicius, selling suitcases.

They began to undertake at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Vinicius claims that the couple had only R$1,000 available on the card limit to invest in cookies. They bought packaging and some raw materials

To differentiate themselves from the competition, they delivered cookies until 3 am. Demand grew and Daniel entered the business. In early 2021, they began to look for a point in the south of São Paulo. With the opening of the store, they ended up tripling revenues.

The production works daily, from 9am to 10pm. On average, there are 7 thousand cookies per month. And the monthly billing is R$ 60 thousand. The entrepreneurs have already rented another space next to the store to set up the factory, which will triple production.

See the full report in the video above.

Rua Costa Aguiar, 1092 – Ipiranga
São Paulo/SP – CEP: CEP 04204-000
Telephone: (11) 94724-0296
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