Corinthians overtakes Palmeiras at Allianz and takes the lead for the Women’s Brazilian Championship

Corinthians took an important step towards the Brazilian Women’s title this Sunday night. Playing away from home, at Allianz Parque, the team from Alvinegra beat Palmeiras 1-0 with a goal scored by Gabi Portilho.

Alvinegras opened the scoreboard in the first half, but Adriana’s goal was disallowed by the referee. Despite this, the Corinthians continued to press throughout the game, suffered little and sought victory with Gabi Portilho.

New Derby! – Corinthians will return to the field in just ten days, but again against Palmeiras. On September 22, after the FIFA Selection Date, the teams will face each other again at Allianz Parque, but now for Paulistão.

Derby holders!

Coach Arthur Elias chose to keep the starting lineup that faced Railway in the semifinals. Thus, Corinthians went to the field with: Kemelli, Katiuscia, Gi Campiolo, Erika, Yasmim, Gabi Zanotti, Ingryd, Gabi Portilho, Tamires, Vic Albuquerque and Adriana.


My Timon

Palmeiras, in turn, was selected by Ricardo Belli with Jully, Bruna Calderan, Agustina, Thais, Camilinha, Júlia Bianchi, Katrine, Ary Borges, Duda Santos, Carol Baiana and Chú.

And the game?

First time

Corinthians started the game by putting a lot of pressure on Palmeiras and tried the first time through the middle. The exchange of passes between Gabi Zanotti and Tamires found Vic at the edge of the area, but the Corinthians finish was saved by Jully.

After a few minutes of pressure from Corinthians, Palmeiras entered the game and tried twice with Chú and Julia Bianchi, the second headed, but the two arrivals were well away by the Alvinegra defense.

The match was very truncated in the following minutes, with the two teams exchanging passes in search of space, but without much success. After a lot of insisting, around 25 minutes, Corinthians managed to open the scoreboard, but the goal was annulled by the VAR. The play started with Gabi Zanotti, passed by Erika and found Tamires, who crossed on the left. Gabi Portilho managed the header and Jully made a great save, but left Adriana to fill the net. Shirt 18, however, was offside.

The disallowed goal did not change the mood of the match. Corinthians managed to have the ball in attack, but found it difficult to invade the opposing area. Alvinegra goalkeeper Kemelli, in turn, did little work. In the final minutes, the team from Parque São Jorge tried to make good finishes in corner kicks that were well away. So the game went to halftime with no change in the score.

Second time

Corinthians returned unchanged for the second half. After just two minutes, the team already took danger to the opponent’s goal when Yasmim and Tamires scored on the left and shirt 71 managed the submission, but the ball went out.

The hosts tried their first free kick, but the hit was on the Corinthians barrier. After that, Palmeiras began to put a lot of pressure on Timão’s departure and hinder the alvinegro game.

Corinthians came very close to the first goal when Gabi Portilho made a great move on the right and found Gabi Zanotti arriving free at the entrance to the area. Shirt 10 hit first but sent the ball out.

After the Corinthians move, Arthur made the first two changes for Corinthians: Jheniffer and Juliete took the field in place of Adriana and Yasmim. Soon after the substitutions, the scoreboard was finally opened. Vic Albuquerque took a free kick in the area and Gabi Portilho appeared well between marking to touch the high ball and take Jully out of play.

Corinthians was not content with the 1-0 and was looking for the second goal to extend their advantage. Alvinegra came close with Vic Albuquerque, after Tamires made a good play on the left and crossed to the forward on the edge of the area, but the finish was over the goal.

The Palmeirenses tried to tie with a long shot, but Kemelli fell well and made a great save. This was the only attempt at danger by the housewives and Timon continued to press. In the final minutes, Arthur Elias changed once more and put Diany in Ingryd’s place.

Corinthians was willing to leave with the victory and behaved well defensively, without suffering from the opposing arrivals. In additions, the Corinthians coach’s last two changes put Miriam and Grazi in place of Vic Albuquerque and Gabi Zanotti.

Technical sheet of Palmeiras 0 x 1 Corinthians

Competition: Brazilian Women’s Championship
Local: Allianz Parque, So Paulo, SP
Date: September 12, 2021 (Sunday)
Time: 9:00 pm (Brasilia)
Referee: Thayslane de Melo Costa
Assistants: Leila Naiara Moreira da Cruz and Fernanda Nndrea Gomes Antunes
Video Arbitrator: Pericles Bassols Caught Cortez
Goal: Gabi Portilho (Corinthians)
Yellow cards: Ary Borges (Palm Trees); Giovanna Campiolo, Yasmim and Jheniffer (Corinthians)

PALM TREES: Jully; Bruna Calderan, Agustina, Thas, Camilinha, Jlia Bianchi, Katrine, Ary Borges, Duda Santos (Maria Alves), Carol Baiana and Ch.
Technician: Ricardo Belli

CORINTHIANS: Kemelli; Katiuscia, Giovanna Campiolo, Erika, Yasmim (Juliete), Gabi Zanotti (Grazi), Ingryd (Diany), Tamires, Gabi Portilho, Adriana (Jheniffer) and Victria Albuquerque (Miri).
Technician: Arthur Elias

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