Corinthians was harmed against Atlético-GO, says expert Renata Ruel: ‘Giant mistake’

O Corinthians came out ahead, but took a ”controversial” goal at the end and ended up tying 1-1 with Atlético-GO, this Sunday (12), at Antônio Accioly, in Goiânia, for the 20th round of the brazilian.

Born of the ‘Terrão’, Gabriel Pereira scored for Syvinho’s team. Zé Roberto equalized in the 43rd minute of the second half, in a move that generated a lot of complaints from Corinthians players. In the bid, Corinthians players complained a lot about an offside by Brian Montenegro. However, after consulting the VAR, the arbitration understood that he did not participate in the rally and considered the goal legal. Still in the final minutes, Cássio saved what would be the upset of the home team with Montenegro’s header.

On Sunday’s SporsCenter broadcast by ESPN on Star+, the commentator of arbitration of channels of the Disney group Renata Ruel disagreed with the field decision.

“A bid that directly interferes with the result. Do you know the justification for the VAR not to interfere? For me, the only one: is the VAR failing, not having an image, that by the protocol the VAR has to keep the field decision. I can not understand. For me, interference with the opponent is very clear. For me it is a huge mistake yes. It’s a mistake that we can’t justify”, said Ruel.

“It influences Roger Guedes’ action: do I mark who is in front of me or do I mark who is behind? The proximity is great, it has an impact on the Corinthians player’s action. The referee still applies a yellow card. I really can’t understand why. Atletico-GO player’s will to play is very clear. It’s that thing that when you take the rules of the game, it’s very clear, there’s no room for interpretation”, he added.