Corinthians wins Palmeiras in truncated game

With a great goal from Gabi Portilho, Corinthians beat Palmeiras by 1-0 tonight (12), in the first leg of the final of the Brazilian Women’s Championship. The two teams played a very truncated match at Allianz Parque, but the visitors had more chances and got the advantage in the confrontation.

Due to the FIFA date, the return match will only take place two weeks from now, on the 26th, at 8 pm, at Neo Química Arena. Alvinegro only needs a draw to get their third title in the tournament – they won in 2018 and is the current winner.

Palmeiras, on the other hand, need a victory by two goals to take the trophy home. If only one wins, the champion will be defined in penalties.

Before that, however, the teams face each other again for the sixth round of the Campeonato Paulista. On the next 22nd, a Wednesday, at 3 pm, the clubs will duel again at Allianz Parque.

Who did well: Gabi Portilho

Author of the only goal of the match, the Corinthians midfielder was always present in the sharpest moves of the visiting team. He made an excellent reading of the goalkeeper’s position and managed to surprise the entire defensive system by sending it over to the net.

Who was wrong: Duda Santos

The Palmeiras player played a very quiet game. It did not help in the creation, nor in the disarming and practically did not appear in the 45 minutes that he was on the field. She was replaced at halftime by Maria Alves.

heavy marking

The teams show that they studied each other a lot during the week: the marking fit was excellent, and the defensive sector of both teams got the better of the attacks. The clash had many fouls in the first stage and was very balanced, with no great chance for Palestra and only one for the visitors, which was canceled by the video referee.

In technique, Corinthians does better

Despite the entry of Duda Santos at Palmeiras, the game’s story followed the same: a lot of marking and little creation. The home team advanced their marking, and the Parque São Jorge team, which was slightly superior, needed to look for even more resources to create their plays.

Changes made by coach Arthur Elias helped Corinthians open the scoring. Two minutes after Juliet and Jheniffer, at 21 of the second stage, Vic Albuquerque took a free kick in midfield, and Portilho, without dropping it, played for cover and took away any chance of defense from Jully, who was ahead.

The series of changes made by the two teams prevented a more intense pace in the final minutes. Vic Albuquerque took a dangerous shot at 33 and almost widened. Two minutes later, Kemelli gave the answer and hit the left of the goal.

VAR is triggered twice

At 26 minutes of the first half, Tamires hit a precise cross for Gabi Portilho, who tried hard for the goal and forced the goalkeeper Jully, from Palmeiras, making an incredible save. Adriana sent it to the goal on the rebound. However, after almost two minutes of analysis, the video referee annulled the goal, as Portilho was in an irregular position at the time of the cross.

In the second stage, on the 24th minute, Corinthians striker Jheniffer gave Agustina a tougher entry. On the field, no cards were scored, but Pericles Bassols called the referee Thayslane de Melo Costa to review the move on the monitor. The judge, however, decided to apply only the yellow card to the athlete.

eye sink

Pia Sundhage, coach of the Brazilian team, was present at Allianz Parque. The coach, who was in several knockout matches of the tournament, summoned eight athletes who were on the field for friendlies against Argentina, which will be held on the 18th and 21st of this month. Erika, Yasmim Tamires, Vic and Andressinha, from Corinthians, as well as Katrine, Thais and Ary Borges, from Palmeiras, were called to wear the hopscotch.


Date: 12/09/2021
Local: Allianz Parque, in São Paulo (SP);
Hour: 9 pm (from Brasilia);
Arbitrator: Thayslane de Melo Costa (SE);
Assistants: Leila Naiara Moreira da Cruz (DF) and Fernanda Nândrea Gomes Antunes (MG);
VAR: Pericles Bassols Pegado Cortez (SP).

Goals: Gabi Portilho, at 21′ of the second half, for Corinthians.

Yellow cards: Ary Borges (PAL), Yasmim, Campiolo, Zanotti (COLOR).

Palm trees: Jully; Bruna Calderán, Agustina, Thais and Camilinha; Júlia Bianchi, Duda Santos (Maria Alves), Ary Borges and Katrine; Chú (Tainara) and Carol Baiana. Technician: Ricardo Belli.

Corinthians: Kemelli; Katiuscia, Erika, Campiolo and Yasmim (Juliete); Ingryd (Diany), Zanotti (Grazi), Portilho and Tamires; Vic (Miriam) and Adriana (Jheniffer). Technician: Arthur Elijah.