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It’s hard to find a truly innovative video game these days. With the high production cost of triple A games, few are willing to take risks and bet on truly unique ideas, but Arkane is one of the few daring developers we still have! In Dishonored The Prey, this talented team is known for always bringing immersive worlds together with good gameplay insights, and deathloop honor that noble tradition.

Although he follows much of the studio’s primer, as the environments that are almost a character apart, in addition to the powers and weapons that explore the scenarios and mechanics in a creative way, there are also a ton of new concepts that help to enshrine the new project as his most creative and daring venture so far. want to understand what deathloop is it so special? So check out our full review below!

the spell of time

In the movie the spell of time, Phil, the character played by Bill Murray, is forced to endlessly repeat the same loop of an entire day, the infamous Groundhog Day. This afternoon session classic is perhaps a good starting point for understanding the central premise of deathloop, which also revolves around repeating the same day over and over again.

Unlike the classic comedy of the afternoon session, our protagonist Colt’s journey is extremely violent and, without giving any further spoilers, the solution to his time loop revolves around managing to take down all eight of the game’s visionaries in a period of just 24 hours. Of course, this is easier said than done, especially since game time is much faster than that.

Basically, deathloop it was built around different phases, and they change according to the game’s own timetable. Your loop always starts in the morning, and then you have the opportunity to embark on new journeys at noon, in the afternoon and in the evening, totaling just four thrusts. In addition to imposing an obvious time limit on your plans, schedules also serve to impact the dynamics and aesthetics of the stage, as well as the routine of your targets.

Repetition but not repetitive

Perhaps it’s easier to explain how these gameplay loops and routines work with video game analogies rather than film analogies. do you remember the classic The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask of the Nintendo 64? There, Link had to relive the same three days over and over again, and in the process, he was learning more about the routines of each of the inhabitants of the Termina kingdom. The similarities should be clear within the first hour of deathloop:

Information was their main weapon in Majora’s Mask, since you had to memorize where each person would be and at what time they could pick up certain items, so you had to pay close attention to progress. The same thing happens in deathloop: As you play, you learn where your targets are, how your routine, behavior, friendships and even romances are.

And you’re really going to need to know this, as there are more targets than temporary opportunities to shoot them all: as I said, there are eight targets and only four opportunities to engage in combat, so you need to explore the map, go through the documents in your path, hacking computers, eavesdropping on conversations and more to try to find hints of times when two targets might be together in the same space.

Although not exactly a roguelite, you can also draw some parallels with Hades around here, at least in the sense that you’ll never get too frustrated getting back to the beginning of your journey. In both titles, you are rewarded with new interactions between characters and with the development of lore and story with each lost life, which avoids the feeling of repetition even when you are doing the same activities over and over again.

Juliana samba, samba

And since we’re talking about characters, it’s good to point out that Colt doesn’t just have to deal with the Visionaries, but also the mysterious Juliana, a woman who appears to be much more informed, angry and lethal than he is. In every preview we’ve had the chance to cover of the game, the developer has always asked us not to give away narrative spoilers, and for good reason: the dynamic between the two is absolutely captivating!

Several times I laughed out loud at the dialogues and teasing between the pair, and deathloop it’s easily one of the wittiest, smartest, and most well-written releases I’ve ever experienced. In addition to serving as an antagonistic force in the narrative, Juliana is also part of the game’s multiplayer components. Check out a little of his participation in the narrative:

Unfortunately, we couldn’t really test this before the review publication embargo fell, but it works something like this: while Colt tries to hunt down the visionaries, another player can take control of Juliana and invade her map to try to end it. Colt in a real game of cat and mouse.

As only the press and influencers were playing before the release, the only time a Juliana tried to stop me, we ended up not even meeting on the map. So let’s cover multiplayer in our own test video on our Twitch, don’t miss it!

The expected complexity of Arkane

Anyone who has tried the best Arkane games knows very well that the studio always strives to the maximum in immersion, with delicious worlds to explore from top to bottom. the world of deathloop leaves nothing to be desired when compared to their biggest hits, and there’s tons of text to read around here!

Ideally, you’ll spend many hours going headlong into this content, but the truth is, you can also make progress if you turn off your brain and just experiment a lot and follow the goal markers on the map. In many ways, this makes deathloop the friendliest game for laymen and for those who just want to know action and blow things up.

Colt has a bunch of different powers to equip, and the customization windows are extremely rich in options. In addition to an extensive arsenal of firearms, in the first hours of the campaign you will collect trinkets, which are passive powers that can be equipped both in weapons (guaranteeing improvements such as greater stability, damage and firing rate) and in Colt ( granting double jump, more energy or extra life).

You can also equip boards, powers that consume energy in exchange for great movement advantages, ranging from invisibility and teleportation to uniting the minds of different targets so that they suffer the same fate. Finally, you still collect resources to be able to infuse these items and ensure they are carried with you into the next loop, so there’s a whole micromanagement involved in this game.

All of this is a little intimidating and, although it is possible to move forward without paying much attention, the best thing is to really dedicate yourself to enjoying everything that deathloop has the best, which are its history and perfect connection between the world and its gameplay systems.

If you choose to play this title as if it were any FPS, you’ll end up misdirecting your focus to the limited graphics that look like something out of the beginning of the last generation, or to the game’s somewhat poor physics, where your shots they hardly seem to impact enemies, some of the work’s few noteworthy flaws.

It is worth it?

deathloop it’s one of those titles that look as good as your attention and interest will allow. The sharp script already works in the most basic interactions between the main characters, but the real charm of the adventure is seeing how all the maps, targets, lore and information have been masterfully intertwined. It’s an almost artisanal work of narrative done with evident whim! If you’re looking for a game unlike anything else out there and you love immersive adventures, deathloop it’s a loop you won’t want to escape from!

“Deathloop brings together new and old ideas to create a unique journey that brims with inspiration and creativity”