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Deathloop and Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town are the highlights of this week’s releases. The first is a long-awaited exclusive shooting and time looping game coming to PlayStation 5, while the other is the PC version of the classic farm simulator series. Besides them, some long-awaited indie games also arrive, such as Eastward’s friendly adventure and the unusual Skatebird, and a Nintendo Switch version of the acclaimed Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom. Check out everything about the main releases of the week and see more details about each one of them, such as date, prices and platforms where they will be available.

🎮 Deathloop: see requirements, gameplay and more game details

Deathloop is a shooting game where you don’t just shoot everyone, you have to find out why the player is stuck in a time loop — Photo: Playback/Steam

Deathloop – September 14 – PS5 and PC

From the same creators of the Dishonored and Prey series, Arkane Studios’ Deathloop shooter game casts players as a professional assassin named Colt. He is trapped in a time loop on the island of Blackreef with a rival assassin and must eliminate eight targets to try to break free from this mysterious phenomenon. Each time the replay starts the player can collect new information, find more efficient ways to eliminate their enemies, and gain new weapons and abilities that can save time on your journey. Deathloop will cost R$299.90 on PS5 and R$249.95 on PC.

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town – September 15 – PC

The popular Story of Seasons farm simulator, previously released on the Nintendo Switch, is now coming to PC. In the game, users can set up their own farm, plant, harvest, raise animals and more. You can also visit the city in search of relationships and explore the world to find Earth Sprites, creatures that take the player to places with special characteristics. The Story of Seasons series is the franchise that fans knew as Harvest Moon, until the company that published the games in the series separated the title from the original franchise and started creating their own games. The game is available for R$159.99.

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town brings the popular farm simulator now also to PC — Photo: Playback/Steam

Eastward – September 16 – SW and PC

In a society on the brink of collapse following the contamination of the ground by a toxic presence, players step into the role of the duo John and Sam. They believe they can save the world of Eastward from this threat. The story begins in the underground areas of Sandfill, until the duo arrives at the transnational railway and begins their journey to the surface, where they will make new friends and discover different cuisines. Eastward is available on the Switch for R$125 and on the PC for R$47.99.

Eastward is a sympathetic adventure of a duo who travel by train while trying to save the world from a threat — Photo: Playback/Steam

I Am Fish – September 16 – XBSX/S and XB

This is the story of four fish friends separated from their aquarium and trying everything to find themselves in the sea through a fun physics game. Players will have access to each of the fish with different abilities. Goldfish, for example, swim skillfully even inside their aquarium, while the puffer fish can puff up into a ball of spines and the piranha with high power in their bites. In the future, the game will also be released on the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch platforms, with no confirmed date yet.

I Am Fish is a fun physics game that tells you about the journey of four fish to find each other — Photo: Playback/Xbox Game Store

Skatebird – September 16 – XB, SW and PC

A fun adventure awaits players in Skatebird, a game about a pet bird that decides to skate after its owner quits the sport due to lack of time. The little bird will perform tricks worthy of the Tony Hawk series games in miniatures of makeshift parks. Gradually your achievements will catch the attention of other bird friends who will be able to take you to new places and help you find a way to regain your owner’s enjoyment of skateboarding.

Skatebird brings an unusual bird that skates while trying to restore its owner’s spirit — Photo: Playback/Steam

Aragami 2 – September 17 – PS5, XBSX/S, PS4, XB and PC

The sequel to the popular stealth game Aragami brings more of the successful elements of the original with some new additions. Users will be able to play as one of the last of the Aragami, a people who have learned to use the power of the shadows to their advantage, the Umbressence. Thus, they can protect their lands from invaders by eliminating them without being seen, either alone or in a group with up to three participants online. Aragami 2 is available for R$147.45 on Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and at no cost to Xbox Game Pass subscribers. On PC the game costs R$ 65.99.

Utilize the power of Umbressence in Aragami 2 and stealthily defend your territory against threats — Photo: Reproduction/Steam

Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom – Prince’s Edition – September 17 – SW

The sequel to Ni no Kuni, a series known for its technical excellence, brings beautiful visuals similar to a cartoon as it tells the story of Evans, a young monarch who had his kingdom stolen. Players will have to build a new kingdom and manage resources to have security forces to maintain it. The RPG game features visuals by artist Yoshiyuki Momose, known for his work at Japanese animation studio Ghibli, and soundtrack by Joe Hisaishi who also worked on the first game. The game sells for R$159.90 and the Prince’s Edition includes extra content with more hours of gameplay.

Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom – Prince’s Edition brings the acclaimed role-playing game to the Nintendo Switch — Photo: Play/Nintendo Game Store

Tails of Iron – September 17th – PS5, XBSX/S, PS4, XB, SW and PC

Don’t be fooled by the nice look, Tails of Iron is a game with hand-drawn graphics that follows concepts from games like Dark Souls and Hollow Knight. The game is an adventure RPG that has very punishing battles, in which the player needs to study the behavior of his opponents before he can beat them. The story follows Redgi, heir to the Throne of the Rats, who will have to face the Clan of Frogs and their leader, Verruga Verde. Tails of Iron is available for R$133.90 on PlayStation platforms, R$139.95 on Xbox consoles and R$99.99 on Switch.

Tails of Iron features a challenging RPG and adventure game with Dark Souls touches and hand-drawn visuals — Photo: Play/Steam

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Check out the main GAME RELEASES in September!