DF and 12 states go to court against Petrobras for ‘misleading advertising’ on gasoline prices | Federal District

The Federal District and 12 states filed a public civil action against Petrobras for “misleading advertising”. The authors ask that Petrobras be forced to suspend an advertisement, aired on the internet, about the composition of fuel prices.

The video published by the company says: “Did you know that Petrobras currently receives an average of R$ 2 for each liter of gasoline you use?”, along with other information on the composition of the amount charged at the pump at the service stations. Under the lawsuit, advertising is intended to “mislead consumers.”

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In a statement, Petrobras said that it will analyze the content of the action and evaluate the appropriate measures. The action was presented on Friday (10), to the Court of Justice of the Federal District (TJDFT). They sign the order, in addition to the DF:

  • Rio Grande do Sul
  • For
  • Maranhão
  • Sergipe
  • Piauí
  • Bahia
  • Amazons
  • Pernambuco
  • Holy Spirit
  • Goiás
  • Amapá
  • Minas Gerais

In addition to the suspension of advertising, the group asks Petrobras to be ordered to produce new informative content, which will undo the “mistake”, in addition to the payment of collective moral damages.

Petrobras advertisement on gasoline price composition — Photo: Reproduction

According to the lawsuit, by claiming that it receives only R$ 2 per liter of gasoline sold, Petrobras omits the cost of anhydrous ethanol, mixed with fuel for sale at service stations, and suggests that taxes are the main cause of the high values of marketing.

“By separating Petrobras’ realization value from the cost of Anhydrous Ethanol, which is added at the rate of 27% to each liter of the mixture, it makes the consumer believe that the final value of the product is R$ 2.00 and that the rest of the price until reaching the final value, whether due to taxes, in particular due to the disproportionate emphasis given to the form of ICMS levy”, says the process.

“The company induces consumers to think that the value of gasoline is lower than it actually is, creating the impression that the portion of taxes is much higher than the value of the product itself,” he continues.

What makes gasoline and diesel prices go up?

What makes gasoline and diesel prices go up?

The DF’s Fuel and Lubricant Retail Trade Union (Sindicombustiveis) declared “total support for the public action filed by the Federal District and 12 other states”.

“In the case of gasoline, in 2020 alone, Petrobras made 13 adjustments that totaled a 47.7% increase, that is, from R$ 1.9844 per liter of gasoline delivered in Brasília and Goiânia to R$ $ 2.9307, price published on August 12 (last adjustment), adding up to R$ 0.9463 transferred to distributors,” says a note from Sindicombustíveis.

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