Doria’s security guards fight with MBL members in an act organized by the right

MBL and Doria
MBL members and Doria’s bodyguards quarreled

Military police who made the security of João Doria this Sunday (12) discussed with members of the MBL. The governor of São Paulo participated in the pro-impeachment act on Avenida Paulista. A video captured the moment of squabbling between security guards and members of the Free Brazil Movement.

Several people in white are gathered and MBL leader Renan Santos appears a little irritated. Adelaide Oliveira is also caught in the middle of the confusion, asking one of the security guards to calm down.

Suddenly, a woman’s voice is heard in the background screaming: “No violence”. Quickly, the audience present – ​​around 5 thousand people – also repeats the phrase. But tempers remained hot.

Next, João Doria is seen beside the MBL leader, who calls the security guard’s attention. Despite the turmoil, there is no record of physical violence between security guards and members of the movement.

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Pro-impeachment acts by the MBL and Come Pra Rua

The pro-impeachment actions of the MBL and Vem Pra Rua fell short of expectations. So much so that pocketnarista groups are scoffing at the work carried out by right-wing groups. Even President Bolsonaro joked about the lack of public at right-wing demonstrations.

Check out the video: