Empire: Danielle threatens Pedro, Du treats Lucas coldly and Marta chases Zé Alfredo

Lucas (Daniel Rocha) on stage in the Globo soap opera Império (Credits: Reproduction)

Lucas (Daniel Rocha) on stage in the Globo soap opera Império (Credits: Reproduction)

Knowing that in Saturday’s chapter (11) of the soap opera Empire, Lucas (Daniel Rocha) will call Isis (Mariana Ximenes)’s phone, but will not let the young woman answer.

+ Tiago Leifert loses the ground with a message after leaving Globo: “They knocked me down”

Josué (Roberto Birindelli) will deliver the certificate of Maurílio (Carmo Dalla Vecchia). Finally, Cora (Marjorie Estiano) will throw open everything from Zé Alfredo (Alexandre Nero) at the Império jewelry store.

In short, find out what will happen in Saturday’s chapter (11) of the telenovela Império:

Cora (Marjorie Estiano) on stage in the Globo telenovela Império (Credits: Reproduction)

Cora (Marjorie Estiano) on stage in the Globo telenovela Império (Credits: Reproduction)

Cora demands that Manoel tell where José Alfredo went. Claudio goes to Enrico’s hotel. Claraíde and Maria Marta talk about José Alfredo. Marcão tells Maurílio that Cristina traveled. In fact, José Alfredo calls Maria Ísis in the chapter of the Globo soap opera Império.

+ Ana Paula Padrão blames Band for prejudiced speech and calls for forgiveness

+ Ana Maria Braga takes decision and Louro José’s replacement has a name on Globo

João Lucas calls Maria Isis, but gives up before she answers. Maurílio discovers that Cristina is going to Geneva. Then, João Lucas talks to Maria Marta about his paternity.

Maria Ísis returns the call from João Lucas and Du answers. José Alfredo arrives in São João Del Rey. Thus, Maria Clara and João Lucas question José Pedro. Amanda has a business idea for Leonardo.

Finally, Josué hands José Alfredo a copy of Maurílio’s marriage certificate. Cora goes to the Império jewelry store and tells everyone that she has seen José Alfredo. In conclusion, José Alfredo talks with Jesuína in the chapter of the Globo telenovela Império.

In short, what happens this Friday (10):

Maurílio complains about Cristina’s suspicions. Antoninho suggests that José Alfredo take a trip. The Commander tells Josué that he’s going with him to São João Del Rey. By the way, Cristina tells Jurema that she’s going to Monte Roraima. Jurema searches Cora’s room for clues about Jairo. So Cora visits Amanda.

José Pedro discusses with other prisoners. José Pedro is released. Téo celebrates the success of his blog. Luigi fights with Felipe at the restaurant. Then Claudio shows Felipe’s confession to Beatriz and Bianca. In this way, Cora tells Amanda that she has an affair with José Pedro. Silviano throws Cora out of the penthouse. Maria Marta pins Maurílio.

Finally, Xana and Naná talk about Luciano. Salvador asks Orville to know the deposit of the paintings. Helena is suspicious of the auction of works in Salvador. Marisa tells Joshua that she’ll miss him when he travels. José Alfredo finishes packing his bags. Cristina says goodbye to the family before the trip. Cora catches José Alfredo leaving Manoel’s bar.