End of mystery! Famous people have disabled nets to encourage vaccination

On Saturday (11/9), several famous people such as influencer Lucas Guimarães, actor Caio Castro and ex-BBBs Gizelly Bicalho and Arthur Picoli deactivated their Instagram accounts. The stampede intrigued internet users, but its reason was revealed this Sunday, with the reactivation of accounts. This is an advertising action by Brahma to make the population aware of the importance of taking the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

“Do you know why I disappeared from the networks? Because there are people doing this in vaccination. More than 8.5 million Brazilians did not return for the 2nd dose”, wrote Caio Castro in the caption of a photo in which he appears showing his arm, with a small bandage. “We are calling you to this 2nd decisive time. That’s the only way we’ll go back to toasting together”, summoned the actor. The text was repeated by the other famous people, with minor changes.

So far, of the “disappeared” listed by metropolises, only Lucas Guimarães did not return to Instagram and may have left the social network for another reason.


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