Exynos 2200 appears in benchmark test with AMD GPU and open source driver

Despite the “delay” in its launch, the new Exynos 2200 continues to draw the attention of the enthusiastic public, as the promise is that it will be able to beat the performance of the Snapdragon 898. Today (13), the well-known and trusted Digital Chat Station released the first test of the chipset in Geekbench.

The most curious point is that the benchmark was run on a smartphone that carries the Samsung SM-S906B numbering, that is, this could be the Galaxy S22 Plus. The processor is numbered S5E9925 and the platform already makes the presence of the AMD RDNA2 Mobile Radeon GPU very evident.

It has Cortex-X2 main core, three Cortex-A710 big cores and four small A510 cores.

However, what is most striking is that the X2 core is running at a clock of just 2.59GHz, while the intention is that the final version reaches 3.0 GHz.

This indicates that the single-core score will be affected as it is lower than the final product. Already the multi-core was also harmed.

See the result below:

Both the Exynos 2200 and the Snapdragon 898 will likely be built on Samsung’s 4 nm, both of which are also in beta. Therefore, the results of the first benchmark tests are lower than expected.

Another detail that appears in the benchmark involves the S22 Plus itself, since it is the global model (suffix B). In other words, Europe, Brazil, China and India will receive the variant with Exynos 2200. The model with Snapdragon (suffix U) will be sold only in the USA.

Finally, Digital Chat Station also noticed another important detail: the GPU is codenamed “Voyager EVT1” and is running Vulkan 1.2.174 with an open source AMD driver.

This can be a very important factor, as drivers are often responsible for the short support cycle of Android devices.