Famous LGBTs Lose Followers When Posing With Boyfriends

Actor Igor Cosso lost nearly 3,000 followers after posting a photo in which he kisses her boyfriend Heron Leal. It was the second time that such a situation happened to the artist, who in December lost more than a thousand fans on Instagram after posing with her boyfriend.

In addition to the stampede of some followers, Igor also showed some of the homophobic comments received. Other LGBTIQA+ artists have also reported losing followers when revealing their sexual orientation or starting a homosexual relationship.

Ricky Martin

The most recent case is that of singer Ricky Martin. In June, he lost followers and received homophobic attacks after publishing photos of a photo shoot with her husband, painter Jwan Yosef.

“[?] It was a wonderful experience and a way to celebrate our pride. What I didn’t expect, especially after all the work that has been done for so many years, is that a large number of people have decided to stop following us or comment in a disdainful way,” he wrote.

Former member of the band Menudo said the episode gave him the same feeling he had before publicly admitting his homosexuality in 2008, a fear “paralyzing and tormenting”.

Today I see the photos and what I feel is a full peace of being able to celebrate my family as they deserve. Celebrating me as I am, no matter what they say.

Anderson Müller

On Valentine’s Day, actor Anderson Müller declared himself to her husband Paulinho, with whom he has been with him for 17 years. In an interview with “Extra”, he revealed that he was impressed with the repercussion of his publication and said that he loses followers whenever he exposes the relationship.

“What I was outraged was the amount of people who stopped following me every time I paid tribute to him. But at the same time, the amount of beautiful messages I received was greater, and that’s really cool “, said.

Mauro Souza

The son of cartoonist Maurício de Souza stated that he always loses “hundreds of followers” when he poses with boyfriend Rafael Piccin.

“I usually lose hundreds of followers when I post affectionate photos with Rafa. Am I worried? No,” he joked in an Instagram post.

Bruna Pazinato

Bruna Pazinato was afraid to assume homosexuality due to biblical projects - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Bruna Pazinato was afraid to admit homosexuality due to biblical projects

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

The actress known for her participation in the soap opera “O Rico eo Lázaro” and the musical “Os Dez Mandamentos” lost followers on social media after revealing herself to be a lesbian last year.

“I acted [em produções bíblicas] and I am so grateful for the doors that have been opened to me. Unfortunately, there are many who use their faith to support prejudice. I’ve lost many followers since I started to open my heart more on social media,” said the artist in an interview with Quem.

“But I don’t get scared anymore, I deal with love, when I don’t ignore it (laughs) I’m a woman of great faith, I believe in Jesus and for me he is love”.

Hugo Bonemer

In 2019, the actor revealed to the newspaper “O Globo” that he lost about 2,000 followers after publishing a kiss on his boyfriend Conrado Helt.

“I can’t say if this stampede was due to homophobia, because I didn’t ask the reason for each one. If so, we’re all saving energy for those who make us happy,” said William Bonner’s cousin.