Felipão designs escape from the relegation zone after victory

Felipão believes that until the 12th round of the second round of the Brazilian Nationals, Grêmio will be able to leave the relegation zone. After the victory over Ceará, today (12), by 2-0, at Arena, the coach kept his feet on the ground, but stated that he sees growth in the team.

“If we continue like this, we will have the possibility of leaving the relegation zone by the 12th round of the second round. By calculations, it won’t be before, no. Around the 10th, 11th, 12th round, and look there, to breathe something,” explained Scolari.

The three points won today did not symbolize leaving the sticking zone, but the team from Rio Grande do Sul already sees the first ones outside the closest drop zone. There are only three points of difference.

“The players have been doing everything we have planned. They have improved, minimally, 30%, in the physical part, because they are being charged and this is required. The training is very strong and makes them acquire this. Our condition could be better, but when we arrived, the team had two points, now it has 19. And we will leave, yes, as long as we continue to work seriously in all directions,” he said.

The coach still celebrated the victory achieved in the Arena, but avoided any celebration beyond the count. So much so that he soon reined in when asked if the team could “dream of something better” in the future.

“Are you kidding? Grêmio is 18th. We can’t think of bigger things at all. Our ‘biggest thing’ is 15th place, 16th place. Right now, teams play and win. We have to think that we’re going to give it thank God if we fight for 14th place later on. We won, but the other teams win too. If they lost, that’s fine, but it’s not like that. We have a points forecast, certain games are more important than others, like today’s, and let’s try to breathe in the end,” he concluded.