Felipão talks about Grêmio’s “calculated game” against Ceará and indicates the reserve team for the Copa do Brasil

Coach Luiz Felipe Scolari cited the heat and commented on the “physiological work” done in preparation for the match at an unusual time. Without taking too many risks, Grêmio had protocol and won Ceará by the score of 2 to 0 this Sunday morning at the Arena. And he indicated a reserve team for the Copa do Brasil, against Flamengo.

Asked about the appointment, Felipão mentioned the excessive heat and the different physiological preparation for the match at 11 am. “We advanced as far as possible. It was a calculated game, we did what was possible. The marking in the second half was lower because the team would not stand it”, he stressed.

Although he did not answer clearly about Wednesday’s team, Felipão indicated a reserve team for the Copa do Brasil, against Flamengo. “We’re going to play. But, of course, given the result, we’ll talk to the board and make the decision,” he pondered.

The commander also explained the absence of midfielder Campaz. He said that “nothing happened” different with the player, and that the option was for Alisson because of the player’s characteristics. “If we had a different situation in the game, he would come in,” he summed up.

Felipão minimized the crowd’s protests. In the re-presentation, 10 days ago, fans demanded the lack of results in Brasileirão. “I was in CT, working. It was a silly episode. The players didn’t even comment on the subject. We did what we had to do during the week, and we hope to reap the results in the future,” he said.

Now, Grêmio has two commitments against Flamengo, for different competitions. On Wednesday, he will face off in the quarterfinals at 9:30 pm. For the Brazilian Championship, the match is on Sunday, at 8:30 pm. Both games take place at Maracanã.