Felt: Carlos Bolsonaro reacts to the success of a documentary about his father’s “fake”

The success of the documentary “Bolsonaro e Adélio – a stab in the heart of Brazil”, made by investigative reporter Joaquim de Carvalho, filmmaker Max Alvim and cameraman Eric Monteiro, produced by TV 247, bothered councilor Carlos Bolsonaro (Patriotas-RJ ).

Carluxo reacted on his Twitter account this Saturday morning (12), calling the film “fake news”. “Are we going to have surveys or something on the line that anyone has seen?” he asked.

The documentary, produced through crowdfunding of subscribers and supporters of Brasil 247, showed all the scoops of the episode used by Jair Bolsonaro in the 2018 presidential race to escape debates and thus become president of the Republic without being confronted.

The film, one hour and 44 minutes, demonstrates, in great detail, all the inconsistencies of the official story, which has been told to Brazilians since then. Joaquim de Carvalho demonstrates how Adélio Bispo de Oliveira was a right-wing militant, how he was in the same place where Carlos Bolsonaro was two months before the episode, reveals how Jair Bolsonaro’s security guards protected Adélio and then were promoted, and also tells how the medical records were hidden and how the case was used as a propaganda weapon to elect Jair Bolsonaro.

Released last night as a premiere on Youtube, the film had 15,000 simultaneous viewers and has already been seen by tens of thousands of internet users, receiving abundant praise from the public for its journalistic excellence. “The case needs to be reopened and Carlos Bolsonaro must be investigated”, says Joaquim de Carvalho.

See the documentary below:

With information from Brazil 247