Fight at VMA 2021? Understand controversy between Machine Gun Kelly and Conor McGregor

According to the TMZ website, it was all a disastrous attempt at interaction between McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly

O VMA 2021 became a topic on the networks in addition to the performances and the award winners, the event’s red carpet was the stage for an almost fight between Conor McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly. the fighter of UFC Irish broke up with the musician and current boyfriend of Megan Fox.

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In videos posted on social networks by those who witnessed the mess, it is possible to see McGregor, who was wearing a pink jacket, being restrained by the event’s security guards. While Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox were taken away from the fighter after the near-fight on the VMA red carpet.

What’s the reason for the fight at the VMA?

As soon as the images won the networks, everyone was left wondering what had been the reason for the disagreement. According to sources heard by the site TMZ, it all happened because the fighter wanted to greet the rapper and take a picture. However, Machine Gun Kelly didn’t want to and ordered the security guards to remove him.

Photo: Disclosure

After the disastrous attempt at interaction, while still on the red carpet, Conor McGregor commented on the near-fight at VMA 2021 in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. For the reporter, he said he didn’t know Machine Gun Kelly and that he wouldn’t fight with “vanilla rapper”.

“I don’t know anything about him other than the fact that he’s with Megan Fox,” said the UFC fighter.

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