Flamengo’s reinforcement, David Luiz watches the duel with Palmeiras at the stadium: “Headquarters of titles” | Flamengo

Announced on Saturday as Flamengo’s reinforcement, David Luiz will be present at Allianz Parque this Sunday, to accompany his teammates on the field against Palmeiras, in the Brazilian Championship. He was interviewed on FlaTV before the game and commented on the affection he received from the crowd.

David Luiz hugs Renato Gaúcho in Flamengo’s dressing room — Photo: Marcelo Cortes/Flamengo

Back in Brazil after 14 years in Europe, he believes he is in the right place. Before the ball rolled, he went to the locker room to greet his new teammates.

– These were long days, with anxiety and emotion. Gratitude to wear the mantle, to be part of this grand club. My childhood was seeing, I grew up admiring. Returning now to Brazil to the best place, where I felt affection even before I had anything confirmed. I’m looking forward to taking the field and doing what I love most, which is playing football.

The 34-year-old defender will be officially unveiled at the beginning of the week and will start work at the Vulture’s Nest. He hasn’t played since May 2nd and although he did physical work during the period he was without a club, he will need reconditioning.

“Flamengo fans is different”

– It was crazy, I had never lived it this way intense, strong. I played for several clubs, big clubs, big countries, but Flamengo’s fans are different. From the first moment they didn’t hesitate. They invaded my social networks. It touches me. I was born to serve. I felt that I can do this at Flamengo is sensational.

“I’m thirsty for titles”

– Happy to be able to meet them again. I am fortunate to arrive at a crucial moment in the season and to be very close. I come with the same hunger as if it were my first professional club. I love the challenge, I love football. Without a doubt I am very thirsty for titles and victories.

Partnership with Pablo Marí at Arsenal

– Since he arrived at Arsenal I’ve tried to build this friendship. He was delighted with Flamengo, with Rio, Brazil. He lived the best phase of his career at Flamengo.