Former soap opera author asks for help on social media after 11-year-old son disappears; PM meets boy and mother reveals what happened

This Sunday (12), the former author of soap operas for TV Globo, SBT and Record TV, Letícia Dornelles, went through a hell of a scare – that’s because her son, Patrick, aged 11, disappeared while she was taking a shower. The desperate account was shared by the author on her Twitter.

According to Letícia, during the afternoon, the little one went to the sidewalk while she was in the shower and, as a result, disappeared. “Help, my son has disappeared! He walked out onto the sidewalk without me seeing while I was in the shower. For God’s sake, someone in Copacabana will help me!”, asked Dornelles. “Don’t harm my son, I beg you!”, added.

The request of the current president of the Fundação Casa de Rui Barbosa mobilized internet users, who volunteered to help her in the searches, shared photos of the boy and sent messages of encouragement. “He would have to leave his apartment, go down the elevator, open the social gate. All buildings in Copa have cameras and below there are also cameras. At that moment, the manager can help”, suggested a Twitter user.

“I’m talking to some friends who live in Copacabana… God willing, we’ll find him”, pointed a second. “I just spread his photo to all the groups. I’ll go down to help you look”, offered a third.

Fortunately, the disappearance had a happy outcome. That’s because, two hours after the request for help, Patrick was found by the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro. The mother, relieved, used Twitter to thank the agents responsible for the searches. “Thank you @PMERJ, who tracked down my son. Dianne, Pizzoto and Douglas, from Copacabana Presente. Ualason and De Soares from the 4th BPM, who patrolled”, wrote the author. “Patrick never left alone or unannounced. I panicked. I suffer threats. Dianne recognized him a mile from here. He said he wanted ice cream”, detailed. “Thank you from the heart! To everyone who helped to spread the word and search”, concluded.

Who is Leticia Dornelles?

Letícia Dornelles was a presenter for Globo Esporte and a reporter for Fantástico. After leaving the camera, she migrated to the screenwriting area, collaborating in the composition of the soap operas “Por Amor” (1997) and “Andando nas Nuvens” (1999) on Globo. At SBT, Dornelles was the chief scriptwriter of the program “Minha Vida É Uma Novela” (2006) and the author of the adaptation of the Brazilian version of “Amigas & Rivais” (2007). At Record, he wrote “Metamorphoses” (2004), the sitcom “Louca Família” (2009) and also “Show do Tom” (2010-2011).