Fortaleza loses to Atlético-MG and reaches five games without a win in Serie A; see the goals

Fortaleza was defeated 2-0 by Atlético-MG on Sunday afternoon, 12, at Castelão. The goals of the match were scored by Zaracho and Alonso, both in the second half. With the result, Leão reaches five games without a win in the Serie A of the Brasileirão.

With Flamengo’s own defeat and victory against Palmeiras, Tricolor do Pici drops to 4th position in the table. The Minas Gerais team consolidates its leadership in the tournament with 42 points.

Fortaleza enters the field again this Wednesday, 15, at 21:30, when they face São Paulo at Castelão for the return game of the quarterfinals of the Copa de Brasil. In the first game, the teams tied 2-2 at Morumbi. For Brasileirão, the team commanded by Vojvoda plays the 21st round next Sunday, 19, at 11 am, in Beira-Rio.

THE GAME – The opening minutes of the game between Fortaleza and Atlético-MG were very cautious. Although the teams played well, the first dangerous offensive move of the match only occurred after 10 minutes, when Mariano crossed the ball into the area, but defender Benevenuto made the head cut. Two minutes later, Fortaleza had a dangerous foul at the entrance to the penalty area. In the kick, the ball charged by Crispim deflected and went towards the goal, but Éverson made a great save.

After the initial chances created by the teams, the clash became more disputed. In the 14th minute, in a counterattack and free-marking, Vargas went up the right and took danger to Felipe Alves’ goal. In the finalization, the ball deflected in the Tricolor do Pici’s marking and hit the net from the outside.

Fortaleza’s main problem was regarding the wrong passes, while Atlético-MG sinned more in submissions. After the 30 minutes, with the lines more advanced, Leão even created more chances in the additions of the first stage, but went to halftime without shaking Castelão’s nets.

At the beginning of the second stage, who managed to send the ball into the goal was Atlético-MG. At three minutes, the Minas Gerais team reached the attack from the right with Nacho. With spaces given by the Lion’s marking, he played for Hulk, who sent it to Vargas. Vargas worked with Zaracho, which opened the scoreboard at Castelão.

After the disadvantage, the Tricolor came to scare the goal of Éverson with a ball thrown by Lucas Crispim. In attack, Robson received, but could not dominate to finish without the ball first hitting his own arm. Vojvoda promoted changes in the attack, removing Robson and putting Igor Torres, but the substitution did not make the Lion improve offensively.

At 23 minutes, Alonso expanded for the Rooster. After taking a corner kick, he headed into the back of Felipe Alves’ nets. Dissatisfied with Leão’s performance, Vojvoda continued to promote changes, putting Matheus Vargas in the place of Matheus Jussa and Edinho in the place of Yago Pikachu. In another moment, the Argentine coach placed Romarinho and Wellington Paulista and took Lucas Lima and David out of the field. The changes were not enough for the Lion to achieve a comeback.

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