Geisy Arruda publishes a short story with serial killer Lázaro and had an unexpected surprise

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The digital influencer Geisy Arruda just published your third storybook erotic, always well strategy the same one decided to innovate, it all started when the blonde decided to publish an erotic tale with the serial killer Lázaro.

who doesn’t remember the serial killer Lazarus who spent more than 20 days hidden in a forest and ended up being killed when exchanging shots with the police, well, when the subject involving Lázaro became an international highlight, Geisy Arruda decided to bite a piece of that cake.

we of Tech News we already know that the Geisy Arruda it’s very smart, the fact that she brings up the subject Lazarus on her release of her third book of erotic tales it was just to get media, and in fact she did.

She knew that if it involved something controversial she could save tens of dollars in advertising, and that’s what’s happening.

On instagram she has a total of more than 4 million followers, her profile is very engaged, as well as Juliana Caetano she knows how to keep the mainly male audience well focused on the profiles.

The last post of Geisy Arruda on Instagram it was a short video, this same video has been played a total of 36,800 times, check the video below.

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