“Giant” Skeletons: Mystery May Have Been Unveiled

Since 2016, researchers have been trying to figure out what could explain the “giant” size of human skeletons found in 205 tombs in China. Well, it may be that now the answer has been found.

It is important to highlight that the use of the term “giant” is actually related to the period in which those people lived. It is estimated that the bones are 5,000 years old, when the average height was 1.65 meters.


In this case, skeletons discovered in northern Shandong revealed that those men and women had a stature that ranged between six and six feet. Really, too much for those ancient times.

Burials where skeletons were found "giants" in China
Burials where “giant” skeletons were found in China. Image: publicity / Shandong University

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Study explains the “giant” skeletons

After thorough investigation, a study at the University of Shandong may have found an apparently simple but plausible answer to the phenomenon.

In an interview with the Xinhua government news agency, poll leader Fang Hui attributed the unusual height to the geographic position.

According to Hui, being close to the Yellow River, those people had clean water, a humid climate and sun. With the perfect environment for agricultural practice, it was easier for that community to grow food and, consequently, have a more abundant diet.

For the researcher, access to large quantities and quality of food can explain the unusual size of these “giant” skeletons.

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