Gloria Pires vents on Globo about her husband’s illness and bursts into tears live

Gloria Pires was included in the list of celebrations of 70 years of Brazilian TV, on Conversa com Bial, and revealed that the fear of entering the scene did not leave her even with nearly fifty years of career and more than thirty soap operas in her curriculum.  She said the insecurity subsided after a lot of training and relaxation techniques.
Gloria Pires vented at Globo (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

Married for 33 years with Orlando Morais, Gloria saucer talked about him during his participation in É de Casa this Saturday (11), when he couldn’t hold back the emotion.

At the time, the actress was on the program through a video call and recalled the difficult days she spent with her lover, when he took the covid-19.

Without holding back tears, Gloria said it was a difficult time for everyone in the family: “Only going through this we have a dimension of what this disease can be”.

“He is very loving and very combative. I was very surprised to realize that he was giving up the stitches, it was very scary for me”, vented the veteran.

“I had the possibility of being with him during the nine days of hospitalization. He lost about a pound a day. It’s a miracle. Maybe in the future, with all the studies that are being done, this will be explained, but now we just understand that it was a miracle”, completed.

It is worth remembering that, months ago, Orlando Morais was interviewed and stated that he lives a normal marriage with her.

“Both Gloria and I are very normal. We are not examples or better than anyone else. We were also wrong and right. Marriage is a daily achievement”, said the singer, in conversation with the magazine Quem.

What makes us stay together for so many years is that I got married to make Gloria happy and she to make me happy. We don’t have characters for each other and we trust each other a lot. We humanize each other, knowing we can make mistakes. We have a great desire to understand the other without plans or goals for happiness that will never be fulfilled”, completed.

Parents of 4 children, the artist also said that he always tries to pass on this teaching to them: “I always tell them to let out what they feel inside them and I say I’m there to help organize their feelings. I ask them to be themselves without dreaming of being this or that. An education to understand the humanization of the other”.

In the interview, Orlando Morais also remembered his fight against the coronavirus and told how Gloria Pires was fundamental in his recovery: “She is a great companion and was with me the entire time. He decided he was going to stay in the ICU with me, although it wasn’t right. I wore a mask 24 hours a day. That was very strong for me”.

“I looked into her eyes all the time so I wouldn’t lose consciousness. She is the person I trust the most. I suffered a lot, but I focused a lot on the positive and seeing my children again”, revealed.

“The reunion with them was very emotional for me. It was the realization that I couldn’t have left at all. Our spiritual link is still too strong to have any distance, even if it is only physical”, reflected the famous man, who is the father of Antônia, Ana, Bento and Cleo, daughter of Glória with Fábio Jr, but whom he considers as a daughter.

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