Grêmio consults the CBF and changes tone about the game against Flamengo

Grêmio changed the tone of the match against Flamengo, for the Copa do Brasil, scheduled for next Wednesday. If before the Tricolor threatened not to enter the field if there were fans at the stadium, now the club is waiting for the response of a formal consultation to the CBF and is preparing to act.

“What I can say is that Grêmio is getting ready to play, this is the intention. We made a formal consultation with the CBF. Our understanding is that there is a break in isonomy. We are preparing and we will play. If there is anything new, it is an institutional issue that will be evaluated by the Board of Directors headed by President Romildo Bolzan Júnior,” explained soccer vice-president Marcos Herrmann.

Last week, Grêmio threatened not to enter the field if Flamengo maintained the posture of having an audience at the stadium, since the first game between the teams, in Porto Alegre, took place with closed gates. However, thinking about the punishments they could receive if they refuse to act, the team from Rio Grande do Sul is already reviewing this posture.

“Flamengo doesn’t fulfill what it agrees to, there is no doubt, but what we have to evaluate is the results of an eventual non-attendance to a game. In a broad way, so as not to harm Grêmio in the present and in the future. answer the query and take action. But we are preparing to play on Wednesday, against Flamengo, in Rio de Janeiro,” added the director.

Coach Luiz Felipe Scolari had a similar speech. In a press conference, he said that he is already planning the match and also indicated that the result in the first duel — a 4-0 victory for Flamengo — could influence the choice of the team that will take the field.

“Our part is to play football. We’re going to Rio de Janeiro to play football. Regardless of what happens in relation to Flamengo, fans, covid-19, a series of details. Our job is to do this, and we’ll play a normal, independent game judge, injunction, public or not. This does not enter the locker room. Let’s think about playing football and it’s over,” he said.

“We’ve already started planning and we have an idea that the coaching committee will put on the field due to the very bad result we had in the first leg and our position at the Brazilian Nationals. We’ll study how to do it”, completed Felipão.

Today (12), Tricolor beat Ceará 2-0, at Arena do Grêmio, for the 20th round of the Brasileirão.