Grêmio mentions CBF and has a “new” stance on Wednesday’s match against Flamengo

After getting to guarantee last week that it would not play on the 15th if it had an audience at Maracanã, Grêmio visibly showed a change of speech this Sunday. The press conferences by Felipão coach and Marcos Herrmann, after the 2-0 victory at home against Ceará, by Brasileirão, made it clear: even if they are still upset, the club will play the game.

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According to Herrmann, Grêmio consulted the CBF about the situation and is still waiting for the entity’s response. But, anyway, the posture now is to accept playing even with the public in Rio de Janeiro.

“The faulty act belongs to Flamengo, which does not comply with its agreement, but we have to assess the results of a possible non-attendance for a game as widely as possible so as not to harm Grêmio not only in the present, but in the future. We are going to wait for the response to the consultation and we are going to take institutional action. We are getting ready to play on Wednesday against Flamengo”, declared the manager.

Felipão, on the other hand, did not want to get into any kind of controversy and focused on dealing only with the issues of the four lines:

“Our part is playing football. Our part we are going to do. Let’s go to Rio to play regardless of what happens in relation to Flamengo, fans, coronavirus, a series of details. We’ll do our job. I probably believe that 100% Grêmio will take the field and we’ll play a normal game. Regardless of the injunction, whether there is a public or not. That in the locker room doesn’t come in”.

Grêmio’s claim in its complaint is of “lack of isonomy”, since the first game, at the Arena, which ended in 4×0 for Flamengo, had closed gates. Fla started selling tickets for the 15th match last Friday.

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