Grêmio relegated if you don’t play for the Copa do Brasil? understand this story

Flamengo x Grêmio should play next Wednesday (15th), at 9:30 pm, for the Copa do Brasil. However, the team from Rio de Janeiro wants to put fans in this match and the tricolor gaucho does not accept. Therefore, there is a threat of not taking the field and giving WO

At this moment, there is an injunction that guarantees Flamengo the right to place the audience in the stadium. The STJD understands that it is necessary to respect the municipal law, and in the case of the City Hall of Rio de Janeiro, they released the public in Maracanã. If the injunction does not fall, if Grêmio does not play it will be excluded from the tournament.

If the injunction falls and Flamengo has equal fans, the punishment changes sides and goes to them. That said, what is the penalty for the team that gives WO or doesn’t follow the rules of the Copa do Brasil? Basically, there are no complications regarding Brasileirão.

What happens if Grêmio wins the World Cup in Brazil?

The team that has already lost the first game 4×0 and is virtually eliminated will be excluded from the tournament. It’s possible that you’ll miss out on the cash prize pool of the entire tournament or at least the $3.45 million quarter-finals.

Lawyers specializing in sports law guarantee that there would be no complications in relation to the 2022 Brazil Cup. Nor in the 2021 Brasileirão, since the penalties must be applied in each tournament and not in general.

The Grêmio delegation already has tickets purchased to go to Rio de Janeiro, but if they arrive at Maracanã and see fans of the opposing team, the promise is that they won’t have a game.

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Image: Lucas Uebel / Grêmio FBPA