Grêmio waits for an answer from the CBF, but changes tone and says he will play against Flamengo: “It’s the intention” | Guild

After threatening not to play, Grêmio changed its tune and stated that it will take the field against Flamengo next Wednesday, for the return game of the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil, even with the presence of fans at Maracanã.

Last week, the club sent a letter to the CBF and asked for an official position from the entity on the sale of tickets for the match. The club from Rio Grande do Sul questions the presence of the public in the return game, as there was no crowd in the first match, at the Arena, in Porto Alegre.

Asked about the matter after Sunday’s victory over Ceará, Felipão said that he will prepare the team to play, regardless of the controversy behind the scenes. The club also already has all the logistics for the trip to Rio de Janeiro defined since last week.

– Our part is to play football. Our part we are going to do. Let’s go to Rio to play regardless of what happens in relation to Flamengo, fans, coronavirus, a series of details. We’ll do our job. I probably believe that 100% Grêmio will take the field and we’ll play a normal game. Regardless of the injunction, whether there is a public or not. That in the locker room doesn’t come in – said the coach.

Felipão, Grêmio coach — Photo: Lucas Uebel/Disclosure Grêmio

Grêmio alleges lack of equality and cites the protocol established by the CBF for the return of the public to the stadiums. According to the document, the presence of fans in knock-out matches would only be allowed if the two clubs could count on permission from the government to receive fans.

According to the deputy of football Marcos Hermann, the direction awaits the response from the CBF on the consultation made, but is getting ready to play. Even so as not to run any risk of sanctions from the entity if it refuses to enter the field.

– The faulty act belongs to Flamengo, which does not fulfill its agreement, but we have to assess the results of a possible non-attendance for a game as widely as possible so as not to harm Grêmio not only in the present, but in the future. We are going to wait for the response to the consultation and we are going to take institutional action. We are preparing to play on Wednesday against Flamengo – said the manager.

As they lost the first leg by 4-0, Grêmio must win by a difference of five goals at Maracanã to advance in the Copa do Brasil. For that reason, Felipão should choose a mixed team and save some starters. The two teams face each other again on Sunday, also in Rio de Janeiro, for the Brasileirão.