Grown-ups fight: Luciana Gimenez loses case against Antonia Fontenelle | Marcelo Bandeira

Antonia Fontenelle and Luciana Gimenez

Antonia Fontenelle and Luciana Gimenez

A court battle arising from the interview with senator Jorge Kajuru, aired by Antonia Fontenelle on her YouTube channel, culminated in the interviewee being sentenced to pay damages in the amount of R$ 100,000, in favor of Luciana Gimenez.

In the interview, Kajuru accused Luciana of being “a call girl, disqualified and who thinks less than a table”, implying that she only rose due to her relationship with Mick Jagger.

Luciana Gimenez, in turn, also sued Fontenelle, claiming that she was responsible for her interviewee’s speech, and the judge granted an injunction to impose a fine of R$20,000 on the interviewer, in addition to the prohibition on speaking Luciana’s name.

Controversy increased when Kajuru named as witnesses Mick Jagger, leader of the band Rolling Stones, and his ex-wife Jerry Hall, who had divorced due to Luciana’s pregnancy. Fontenelle, on the other hand, intended to take Luciana’s former hairdresser to court as a witness, who promised to reveal the backstage of her personal life.

However, the witnesses were dismissed, and the case was dismissed in relation to Fontenelle, considering the judge that she could not be convicted, as she had used the freedom of the press.

In this legal battle, Fontenelle called for her defense Dr. Ana Paula Schoriza, known for representing other artists and public figures. Thus, they managed to reverse the situation, culminating in a sentence in which judge Valentino Aparecido de Andrade, from the 3rd Civil Court of the Forum of Pinheiros, in São Paulo, dismissed the action.

In view of this, Luciana was ordered to pay all procedural expenses and fees for losing to Fontenelle’s lawyer, and the prohibition on speaking her name was lifted.